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  • 2019/12/30
    Victoria Wollaston release: 12: 41 on July 16, 2013, EDT | update: 12: 42 on July 16, 2013, add a little blue sky thinking to your office or business by installing an aviation history in the conference room.
    A California company called moto art has come up with an exciting solution for how to deal with an easement aircraft
    It turns them into eyes.
    Office furniture.
    Craftsmen remove wings, vandals, stabilisers, wings and engines from iconic aircraft such as DC-
    4. Boeing 727 and Boeing 747, C-
    119 and albatross wings, turn them into custom-made, glass-
    Top in meetings and desks.
    The company also sells aircraft seats.
    One design is to transform the Boeing 747 jet hood into a conference table with space for 12 people around it.
    Engine room measurement 12 feet for General Electric engines with LED lighting in different colors inside and six pop-
    Connect the port up and then use B-
    52 engine spinner.
    Moto art\'s latest conference table was made using parts from Waco aircraft.
    Moto art\'s 1930 WACO Wing conference table is hand-made in art deco design.
    It was repaired by motorcycle art, which also added Racing trouser legs and glass to create a 24ft conference table.
    Waco launched its original floating aircraft design in 1920, followed by an open cockpit two-wing aircraft
    Cabin two-wing aircraft after 1930.
    Waco has produced a large number of military gliders for the US Army Air Force and the Royal British air force, contributing to the war effort.
    They were also used during the Normandy landings and market garden operations and stopped trading after World War II.
    Dave Hall of motorcycle art studio said: \"The 747 cowling conference table was designed for a gas and oil company in Texas.
    \"The whole elevator has to be installed to the 50 th floor, so we have to design it to be completely separated.
    \' Another eye-
    Capture design includes Lockheed V-
    C130 conference table.
    Its shape is 17-
    The angle of degree, by two 24ft-long full-
    The length outer wing flap of the C130 Hercules aircraft. The 24-
    Sitting 500 people.
    The Lockheed Martin company headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, used a few hours of \"careful attention to detail \".
    The C130 Hercules aircraft production line is the longest-running production line for any military aircraft in history.
    Originally designed for cargo transportation and medical evacuation aircraft in the United StatesS.
    Army C.
    130 was built at the request of the United States. S.
    Air Force, originally named C-130 Hercules.
    On August 23, 1954, it took off from Burbank, California, and flew to Edwards Air Force Base. The C-
    130 is converted to more than 40 different versions including AC
    130 gunships, also known as Fat Albert.
    Other highlights include C-
    119 Wing meeting table with cutting size.
    The original cloth was removed to show the skeleton structure below, and the two wings were tapered and assembled to provide additional leg space and installed at 15ft-
    Long meeting room
    The legs are made of bamboo and are customized in a motorcycle studio.
    They are designed to resist wear and can be painted in any color.
    At the top of the tempered glass sheet, a company logo can be added on the lower side of the table.
    Motorcycle craftsmen spent more than 160 hours stripping the original fabric, cutting, patching, grinding and polishing the aluminum of the parts.
    The lower side of the table can be equipped with optional decorative aluminum to block the line of sight of the floor, as well as the gangway of the phone, computer or video cable.
    Mega C-
    119 limited rudder table-
    The Edition model and moto art provide only 40 frames.
    The original cloth cover on the rudder was removed in 1950s and the rudder was mounted on the hardwood floorshaped legs.
    This table can measure 8ft 4in, or it can be customized to an extended length of 11ft if used as a conference table.
    C called \"Flying Box-
    119 was used as a cargo aircraft built between 1947 and 1955, initially replacing C-82 \'Packet\'.
    C-deployed during the Korean and Vietnamese wars-
    119 it started with troops and cargo transport personnel, but weapons were later installed. The AC-
    \"Shadow\" of 119G\"
    Red Technology, armor plating, fire launcher and Microguns.
    Shadow later upgraded to AC-
    119 K \"sting\" with turbinejet engines.
    In addition, C-
    119 was deployed for air recycling, and the aircraft maintained a world record for the first successful film recovery from orbit satellites.
    This is also the first aircraft to carry out aerial film recycling from objects returning from Earth orbit.
    After the Vietnam War, C-
    119 s was used in the United States. S.
    Forest Services against wild fires.
    In 1987, after a series of crashes, C-
    119 it is considered too dangerous to fly and all aircraft are discontinued. The DC-
    The 4 conference table was made from the wing tip of the aircraft in 1930s.
    It is 14ft, and in the choice chosen by the customer, it has a mirror polished edge with powder coating treatment.
    The table is equipped with red LED lighting, the double aluminum I beams are fused together, powder coated and equipped with polished aluminum end caps. The DC-
    The 4 th was first launched on June 7, 1938, which is a compliment to DC. 3.
    Meet the requirements of United Airlines for long-range passenger planes, DC-
    4 was transferred to combat service during war and renamed C-54. One of the C-
    54 The most striking task is with C-
    47 5,000 tons of supplies to wartorn Berlin. The DC-
    The four-wing engine design of 4 means that even if two of the four engines fail, the aircraft can fly and can maintain a height of more than 5,000 feet with the three engines falling.
    The 727 conference table is made of a Boeing 727 horizontal stabilizer with aluminum and anodized I-
    Beams with light holes.
    Before cutting, grinding, polishing and polishing, the moto art will peel off the stabilizer for all impurities.
    The part can be cut from 15ft to length, and additional holes can be cut through the desk of the phone and computer cable. The first B-
    Flight 727 was the first flight of United Airlines on February 9, 1963.
    The three-engine design makes small aircraft more suitable for smaller runways and routes with smaller passenger demand.
    727 can also fly overseas and enter than B-707. Since the B-
    The 727 was made for smaller airports and the aircraft needed to be repaired quickly from the ground, so a \"air staircase\" was designed to allow access to the cabin.
    It took 140 hours for the airplane conference table to be available in the airplane seat.
    The motorcycle albatross aileron conference table is equipped with a left and right wing stabilizer retired from the historic Grumman amphibious flying ship.
    The aileron can be cut from 8 to 18 feet in any size, 60 wide.
    These two wing albatross wings are turned over and customized under the paneling
    Bamboo Hardwood floor base that can be dyed.
    The table can also be installed for voice, power, and data ports.
    Dave Hall, the owner of the motorcycle, said: \"We can do it if you can imagine it.
    We can add portholes to the phone, computer or video cable, or you may want to add a glass lifter in the middle of the table for the video monitor.
    The price of each individual table varies depending on the custom elements added or removed, and offers can be obtained from the motorcycle art website.
    Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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