15four07-supply and installation of non-advertising street furniture dedicated to urban transportation.

Notice of contract: 15four07-
Non-supply and installation
Advertising street furniture dedicated to urban traffic.
Attention to this consultation: non
Advertising street furniture dedicated to urban traffic.
Supply and install advertising bus shelters, do not close the poles and pillars, and provide bus stops in the urban transport area of the Mediterranean agglomeration community in Toulon Provence, the urban transport organization (AOTUTPM )
Its trademark Mistral network. -
Non-supply and installation
The advertising shelter traveler-type city center mini shelter is standard to reduce the single, double and sub-types of canopy cover.
They will also be equipped with information boxes ,-
Non-supply and installation
Advertising shelter traveler-type equipment for reducing single, double and sub-types of canopy covers, standard, defensevandalism.
They will also be equipped with information boxes ,-
Supply and installation of signage elements for travellers shelter-
1-supply and installation
Moving the parts rods and rods of the head lighting and passenger information system frame ,-
Supply and install the pillar bus station with single or double shell information ,-
Seat supply for at least 3 people and bench for bus station with and without backrest.
The main purpose is to provide the furniture and the market will include the work of installing the remaining accessories of the furniture.
Performance location: ca tpm area.
Total or scope: this public bidding shall be subject to the provisions of Articles 160 and 161 of the public procurement code.
The consultation will be adopted in accordance with Article 169 of the public procurement code, which deals with market orders.
There is no minimum order market and no highest order market and traders.
The contracting authority will notify the order when required.
Indicative estimates for batch control are the sum of the heart of the newer batch 1 traveler shelter city, at € 560.
Lot 2 traveler peripheral shelter 480 Euro HT.
Lot 3 pole and platform of 320 euro HT and bus stop.
Under the provisions of European Directive no. , the market is considered2004/18 of 31. 3.
2004 with regard to the coordination of public procurement procedures, the European Commission issued an explanatory note on the framework agreement on the 14th. 7 .
2005 according to the reference CC/2005/03, such as the framework agreement, according to the judgment of the State Council on 8. 8. 2008 -n A 309136.
The interests are divided into the following three batches.
The first group of travellers sheltered the city.
The second group of outer shelters for travellers.
Pole position, station Post and bus stop for plot 3 of bench.
Each batch will be the subject of a separate market.
The initial term of the contract is 1 year, the main organization: ca toulon provence MEeDITERRANEeE (24830054300076)
Address: 24830054300076 hotel d ~ Attention of French toulun, 107 30536 Avenue, Henry Fabre CS 83041: Le (Country: French website: tender Announcement No. : 362130-
2015 announcement type: bid opening date of bidding announcement: 2015-11-
26 bidding documents: t29891065.
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