6 small living room ideas that will change your space completely

Hard living room-
There are several purposes of working space where we give them more and more features.
Especially in the small living room, this can lead to something that looks crowded and chaotic.
Philip princello, partner and head of home design at John Lewis & Partners, explains how lifestyle trends bring this squeeze: \"The real trend is to work flexibly, so you might want to work in the living room.
Then moving in the direction of check-in and entertainment rather than going out;
If you have a family, you may need to use it as a space for a child during the day, but somewhere, for adults --ups by night.
If this is your only spare room, it may also have to be converted into a bedroom for the occasional overnight use of people.
\"There are six professional tips to make the most of limited space.
In order to make the most of the petite living room, clever thinking is required, allowing multiple functions without affecting the style.
The first thing to consider is compact furniture.
For example, investing in a sofa with an elegant narrow arm rather than a bulky Chesterfield can save an amazing amount of money, while the shorter sideboard does not occupy the entire wall.
You don\'t need to eat on your knees with a compact dining table or an extended dining table that can amplify entertainment, while the sofa-
Beds with integrated storage space allow you to store bedding when guests leave.
In addition to taking up less space, furniture should also be light visually: a coffee table or sofa designed to raise legs rather than the ground will expose more floors, give the illusion of a bigger and more comfortable room. Wall-
The lighting installed is not a floor lamp following the same principle.
Clean lines-slim lines, for example --
Frame metal shelving units or sculpture chandeliers-make a statement while keeping it simple and tidy.
John Lewis & partners\'s study of how homeowners use their living room found that 19 cents worked in the space and 30 cents for people with children.
Accordingly, there has been an increase in demand for softer, less office tables and chairslike look.
The workspace is now \"more part of our home than some separate place we go to, so we want it to feel like an extension of our home,\" Prinslo said \".
\"It means a table that fits your broader aesthetic, rather than something that looks like an alien landed in the corner of the room.
\"She also suggests you ask yourself if you need a desk if it\'s only for life management and not for a dedicated nine --to-five. A fold-
The Out console may be the answer, or it may be the laptop side table, which can sit on one side of the sofa, but will be pulled to its cantilever while you are working.
Lightweight Furniture easy to move is a great space
Saver if they can perform multiple functions.
Dining chairs can be used as smart dining chairs, for example-if a nest of side tables can be used for shared drinks and snacks when friends come over, do you really need a coffee table?
Use lights to clearly define each \"area\" in the room, which helps to understand its various purposes.
\"It really helps to create this diversity and provide focus, like the cute floor lamp, which can put focus on the table,\" said Prinslo . \".
\"Storage is very important,\" she continued . \"
\"Do you have enough space to store what you are not doing now, but you may do it later?
\"Whether it\'s toys, sports equipment or cocktail ingredients, having a dedicated place to hide everything will bring peace, not confusion.
\"Living space\" is a new collection of furniture, accessories and decorations for John Lewis & Partners, suitable for a variety of modern living rooms from busy family centers to calm shelters.
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