aldi selling beautiful garden furniture for a quarter the ...

Aldi is selling a range of garden furniture designed to impress your friends as they grill in the summer
And five times cheaper than competitors.
Starting today, most of the items are available in Aldi\'s stores and online.
But since they bought it specifically, they left once they left --
Some goods have been sold out.
One of the highlights is a 19 pound rattan effect corner sofa.
Granite, gray or beige 99
Suitable for party in the sun.
Similar outdoor Four
At Homebase, you can find the seat corner sofa at a price of 200 for only 1 penny.
But elsewhere, they cost a lot more.
Argos sells for £ 270 while John lewis sells for £ 999-
Five times the price of Aldi.
Aldi\'s sofas are very popular and even sold out online, with discount retailers saying they will resume their inventory from May 12.
There is also a set of \"Garden Bistro\" in the current collection, which includes two outside chairs and a mini table.
This one is in black, beige or gray and sells for 149. 99 -
Three quarters in 199
We found similar prices for other independent online retailers.
There is also a convenient stand-alone cream 3 m parasol for £ 39.
Let you get some welcome respite from the hot sun.
We found a similar ol at Lakeland for £ 73, and the other was five times as much as John Lewis for £ 189 --
Although its version does include the emergency light.
Aldi will also launch a second garden furniture collection at the store in April 28 for pre-
Order online from April 21.
This will include an aerial garden egg chair for £ 12. 99 -
Although this will only be available online, not in the store.
Argos sells similar chairs for £ 250 and John Lewis sells them for £ 399-
Three times the price.
The second series will also include throwing, mats, orchids, etc.
Of course, cheaper prices may mean you compromise on quality, so it\'s worth doing a bit of research before splurging.
Aldi\'s garden collection also includes a £ 39 outdoor pizza oven.
While Amazon is selling wood
Launch version from £ 110.
But the ultimate addition to any garden party is the hot tub, and Aldi is selling the inflatable version for £ 350.
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