american office furniture market and anticipated trends

The office furniture industry has performed very well throughout 1990, as the domestic economy has played an increasingly important role in moving from manufacturing to service.
However, the new millennium is not so lucky for office furniture manufacturers.
Between 2000 and 2003, office furniture shipments in the United States fell by more than one --third.
This is the biggest drop in shipments in more than 20 years.
Since then, the market has recovered a bit in 2007, worth $11. 42 billion.
Office employment growth climbed 1. 2% in 2007.
This year\'s growth is likely to be smaller, just 1. 0%.
However, we expect to accelerate slightly to 1.
Next year 7% and 1. 9% in 2010.
Office furniture procurement 5 in advance. 5% in 2007.
Sales are expected to accelerate to 6. 8% this year.
In view of the severe economic situation in the United States, it is surprising that only pre-
The newly built office space will be completed this year.
The \"moment of truth\" will come on 2009 and 2010.
Office furniture shipments will grow in the next two years. 2 to 2. 7% range.
If our forecast is correct, the market value will reach $12.
2010 8 billion.
This is still 3.
6% lower than the previous peak of $13.
2000 to 3 billion.
Office furniture costs $3. 106 billion or $27. 2% in 2007.
Over the past decade, it has fluctuated between 21. 9% and 27. 2%.
Given the high price of wooden furniture, when the company makes a strong profit, it usually gains market share rather than during the fiscal tightening period.
The system, which has a market share of nearly 1/3, is the largest segment.
Surprisingly, this segment fell by 14 between 1997 and 2007. 6%.
With the continuous reduction of technology, the demand for filing cabinets is also declining. The fastest growing part was warehousing furniture, up 37.
3% of the past 10 years.
Seats, desks and tables also exceed the entire office furniture industry.
California is by far the largest furniture market in the United States.
As of 2007, the state had revenues of $1. 359 billion, followed by Texas, New York and Florida.
The four states totaled $3. 612 billion. -or almost one-third --
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