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Are you annoyed that traders want to charge high office furniture prices?
When relatively normal items arrive at stationery stores or office furniture stores, the price seems to have doubled, don\'t you find it annoying?
I am an executive director of a small but successful manufacturing company that manufactures alloy wheels for OEM and aftermarket.
Now it\'s hard to maintain sales without me telling you.
In fact, this is impossible.
With the decline in the manufacturing industry of automobile factories, as well as the rationalizing and shrinking of some output, our orders have been reduced.
We bought some new, less gorgeous, and therefore lower cost products, but we do everything we can to avoid firing any employee who has been loyal to us for years.
We have done everything we can to reduce the price of everything.
We first cut the overtime hours, confiscated the bonuses, and cut the wages while reducing the hours, keeping our heads on the water.
But we have a hungry office that always wants printer ink, toner cartridges, letterheads, order books, A4 paper, photocopied Toner and AAARGH! ! ! !
This gave me a closer look at our stationery account.
So I paid and closed it and if everyone wasted a paper clip I would threaten them with a painful death.
Of course, I realized it was a scene of baby and bath water.
Our sales people have to go out and sell, so they have to write valid sales letters and quotes, and our customer staff, buyers and secretaries have done what they have to do, know the predicament we are in.
Still, we had to use regular consumables.
I tried to buy these from the local supermarket which is OK but need pocket money and a body to travel there, shop and drive back so in the long run there is no item for every item
Also, we keep people tight, so we find other work orders when one of them is out shopping.
When our second regular office chair broke due to fatigue during the week, the crunch really came.
The damn spiders attached to the wheels are made of plastic, and when people who are heavier than feathers sit inside, they twist.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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