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Analysis On The Development Of Hotel Furniture Design


Analysis On The Development Of Hotel Furniture Design

With the continuous updating of hotel decoration design, many design elements that were not valued by hotel decoration design companies have gradually attracted the attention of designers. Among them, hotel furniture design is one of them. After years of fierce competition in the hotel market, the domestic hotel furniture industry has been washed and improved. The hotel furniture has gone from mass production in the past to shoddy manufacturing. Now more and more companies pay attention to fine work, reread the spirit of craftsmanship, and improve the technology. And innovation, making powerful companies or factories pay more and more attention to the building of strength, and naturally participate in the design of the hotel furniture industry.

For current hotel decoration design companies, the application of hotel furniture design has certain principles. When choosing hotel furniture, one is to ensure the practical function and comfort of hotel furniture. Furniture is a kind of furnishings closely related to various activities of people. Therefore, the design concept of "people-oriented" should be reflected in the furniture design. The second is to ensure the decoration of the hotel furniture design. The furniture has an important role in setting off the indoor atmosphere and enhancing the artistic effect. Good furniture can not only relax the customer's body and mind but also make people feel the visual aesthetics of the hotel furniture. Especially in public areas such as hotel lobbies and hotel restaurants, the practicality and decorative performance of hotel furniture will greatly affect customers' sense of hotel decoration design. This is the design point that hotel decoration design companies need to focus on.

Therefore, no matter whether the hotel furniture design is designed from the perspective of practicality, or from its artistic perspective, or from the perspective of design theory and method, the furniture of the hotel furniture design should have its outstanding shining points. And maintain the overall harmony with the matching interior design, and enhance the artistic and practicality of the space, so that the hotel furniture design can have long-term vitality.

In modern hotel decoration design, the style of hotel furniture design is mainly Nordic style and European neo-classical style. These two styles are the mainstream voice and direction of hotel furniture now. The pure, refined, and simple Nordic modern furniture design and the changeable curve shape that inherits European classics and the simplified new European classic furniture design are more in line with the aesthetic taste of modern people. The preference for natural materials and restraint of furniture expression and decoration of Nordic furniture meets the aesthetic needs and market demand of increasingly wide consumers; European neoclassical furniture is relatively versatile, and can be combined with bright and simple The modern pragmatic decoration can also be matched with classical and exquisite ornaments to create an elegant retro feeling.


Modern hotel decoration design companies should pay more and more attention to the user experience when designing hotel decoration, design around the "people-oriented" design concept, and regard the hotel as a new business card of the city, so that every new guest Feeling the warmth of the new city, hotel furniture design as a part of the field of furniture design will receive more and more attention and attention from hotel practitioners.

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