as values of original pieces soar, how to get the 1960s and 1970s sideboard look with new furniture

According to experts, sideboards in their 60 s and 70 s have come back to fashion, and those with specific designer names can sell for thousands.
The iconic hotel furniture factory is usually rectangular.
The shape and unique, often comes from the angular legs.
Original work of design name of star furniture is very popular, even more popularof-the-
Due to the popular trend, the factory products may get considerable income.
Stacey Sibley of interior designer Alexander James explains Ercol or G-
Plans to be particularly popular in the 1960 and 1970 s
Now highly sought after-after.
If you want to sell such a thing, go to the label, she said, because anything produced by a Danish or Italian designer could be up 8,000.
Here, mail online Property will look at how to get a sideboard look of 1960 and 1970 with new furniture.
If you like the look of this classic 60 and 70 and would like to recreate it with new furniture, we have found three versions that are suitable for different budgets, be it top notchof-the-
The price is in the range of around 6,000, or in a much cheaper range at a rate of one in ten.
The Coorian and Walnut AK2660 sideboards are large, £ 5,970, and the Conran shopthe coorian and Walnut sideboards are Scandinavian in style by Søren Nissen and
Made of sturdy American walnut wood, it is in sharp contrast to the unique Glacier White Crean top.
Arlo Media Console, 899, West ElmThe compact lines of this Arlo Media Console combine with playful reclining legs and metal
Trim embedded drawer pull.
Wood is sustainable.
There are three drawers with enough storage space.
Walnut veneers in the side cabinet, 350, Ikea.
ComThis Stockholm sideboard is hard-
Drawers with walnut veneer and solid ash include two drawers.
The walnut finish has a unique texture pattern and is painted with paint to make it stronger.
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