Atlantis Plastics Inc (ATPL.PK)

Atlanta Plastics Co. , Ltd. Atlantis)
, Is a manufacturer of high quality specialty plastic films for storage and transportation, food services, electrical appliances, automotive, commercial and consumer applications, as well as custom molded and extruded plastic products.
The company operates 15 manufacturing plants across the United States through three business units: plastic film, injection molding and Profile extrusion.
On August 2008, the company filed a voluntary application with the United States Bankruptcy Court to re-organize itself and its subsidiaries.
In the year ended December 31, 2006, plastic film accounted for about 64% of its net sales and was the manufacturer of professional plastic film.
The plastic film department consists of three operating departments: Stretch Film, custom film and Institutional products.
Stretch Film production high quality single-layer and multi-layer plastic film for covering, packaging and protection products for storage and transportation applications.
Custom films produce a wide range of dedicated single and multi-layer plastic films, used as substrates in retail packaging multi-layer films, foam liners for carpet and automotive applications, protective shields for medical applications, acrylic film products, industrial packaging and a range of other professional applications.
Institutional products convert custom film into disposable products mainly used for institutional food services such as table covers, gloves and aprons.
Injection molding products account for about 28% of its net sales in 2006, and are custom and injection molding products manufacturers that are mainly sold to OEMs (OEMs)
In the home appliances, electric tools, auto parts, leisure vehicles and construction industries.
The injection molding also produced a series of plastic Cedar rocking wall panels for the home construction industry and the residential alternative market, called Cedarwaya.
On January 2007, Atlanta announced the closure of its injection molding plant in Warren, Ohio, and its permanent closure.
Profile extrusion, which accounted for about 8% of net sales in 2006, is a manufacturer of custom extruded plastic products, mainly used in consumer goods and commercial products, including leisure vehicles, mobile houses, residential doors and windows, office furniture, electrical appliances.
Atlanta is a manufacturer of custom extruded plastic products for casual cars.
Atlanta is a stretch film produced in the United States.
The company produces single-layer and multi-layer stretch film, mainly for packaging industrial and commercial cargo pallets for transportation or storage.
The secondary market for stretch film products includes non-
Pallet products such as carpets, building materials, furniture and paper.
Stretch Films are usually produced using linear low density polyethylene resin and other materials and are manufactured using blow molding and casting extrusion processes to meet customer specifications.
It has more than 400 SKUs in the machine packaging and manual packaging sections.
The company is the original producer of stretch film, so its linear brand products enjoy considerable brand assets.
Its products include its very successful advantageous stretch film production line, which contains three types of stretch film and is sold under the linear brand product range.
Custom Film companies produce single-layer and multi-layer blown film, streaming film and embossing film made of various polymers and co
Polymer of ethylene, including low density and linear low density polyethylene.
These custom engineering and specialty films serve the coating, laminating, medical, automotive, textile, carpet, furniture, manufacturing and food packaging industries.
The custom film utilizes different combinations of resin, color and special additives to maintain more than 1,000 film formulations in a wide range of film widths, thicknesses and roll configurations.
The largest market segments include flexible packaging conversion film, masking film, foam laminated film and adhesive film, non-
Woven laminated film, carpet, furniture and textile packaging film and embossed film.
Film specially designed for conversion flexible packaging is sold under the Proflex tm brand and used as a seal layer, barrier layer and/or as a booth graphic printing carrier for laminating applications
Package and similar value-added package.
Proflex tm film can also be used in bags or packaging for food and consumer goods (such as bakeries, towels and paper towels) in unsupported formats (plain or printed.
The masking film is used to protect the surface of the material during transportation, storage, manufacturing and installation, such as acrylic or polycarbonate plates, glass and metal.
These films contain scratch-proof, wear-resistant and scratch-proof layers on one side, and heat-activated adhesive layers on the other side, combining the film to the surface of the final product, and allow removal to expose the original product surface after the product is completed.
The foam laminated film is designed as a carrier mesh and becomes an integral structural part of the carpet padded foam and automotive decoration components.
Adhesive film acts as a heat-activated adhesive layer between two substrates or sheets made of different materials, including for semi-
Trailer structure and similar items. Non-
Woven laminated film bonded to non-Upper
Become a functional part of the finished product.
Applications include dental bibs for meat packaging, surgical curtains, other medical related products and absorbent tray pads.
Carpet, furniture and textile packaging film categories include many high strength, World Wide Web film and protective bags for packaging large items such as textiles and packaging mattresses and furniture.
Embossed film is used for the manufacture of personal care articles, disposable protective clothing and tablecloths, as well as carrier or release film for the production of rubber, as composite aerospace materials and forming compounds for the separation medium.
Institutional products of institutional products companies in Sta-
Drio brand, producing disposable consumer and institutional plastic products for food services, party supply and school/university markets.
These products come in a variety of styles, colors, thickness and weight.
Products produced include table covers and skirts, aisle runners, aprons, gloves, boots, freezer bags/storage bags, saddle bags, Locker packs and custom imprint designs.
Injection molding produces customized thermoplastic components for small and large appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and dishwashers.
The department also produces products for the market for electric tools, leisure vehicles, cars and construction products.
Injection molding produces a series of Cedar replica building panels for wall panel applications in residential and commercial construction markets.
The series includes a cedar shake board for wall panel applications sold under the Cedar Brand
Round panel.
These products offer free, economical and easy to maintainto-
Install durable alternatives for wood, vinyl and aluminum siding products.
Profile extratlanta is a Profile extrusion and injection molding component manufacturer and marketer based in the casual car market in Elkhart, Indiana.
In addition, a large amount of capital investment enables it to increase the portfolio of products related to construction products.
In addition to some construction products produced by its injection molding department, profile extrusion products also include building product accessories such as: double
Practical decoration, floor
J tm flexible J-Channel side panel decoration, flexible-
Flash flexible drip side flash products, as well as the groove outer corners that are mainly used to reshape the extruded building components of the industry.
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