Autopsies reveal details of San Bernardino terror attack

Los angeles-The autopsy released Friday by 14 victims of the San Bernardino terrorist attack confirmed that they died quickly after being shot at least two times, but also revealed the chilling nature of the massacre
As part of the Associated Press public record request, the San Bernardino County has released a body anatomy of a large number of editors.
Victims of December
The attack was attended by San Bernardino County public health workers in an annual training session in a huge conference room for Christmas.
Dressed in black and in a ski mask, one of their colleagues
Worker said Farouk and his wife opened fire on the group before the two were killed.
A day of gunfight with the police.
Husband\'s autopsyand-
The murder of his wife was not released on Friday.
County spokesman David Vette said their death investigation has not been completed and it is not estimated when they will be ready.
The autopsy of the victim described 85-by-40-
Walking meeting room for the last breath of most people. The body of 46-year-
Old Harry Bowman is closest to the northernmost door of the conference room.
Bowman, the father of two daughters who had only recently been hired by the county, was shot and killed five times.
There are eight other bodies in the conference room, more than 50 feet from where Bowman is.
Three victims were found near a Christmas tree, all male.
According to the autopsy report, \"The room is in a mess . \"
\"There are chairs, food, property and decorations all over the room.
There are dozens of shells around the room.
There are multiple bullet holes in the ceiling, walls, furniture and floor.
\"Some ceiling tiles have collapsed,\" the autopsy said.
Three victims died outside the building where the conference room was located, while two others were pronounced dead at a nearby triage station.
Two people selected for triage, 45-year-
Old Shannon Johnson and 46-year-
Old Ben Netta bet
Badal is considered the most likely person to survive, but it is not clear how long they are still alive until they are declared dead.
Johnson\'s autopsy revealed that he died from a gunshot wound to his right thigh, although his back, elbows and hips were also hit. One of his co-
The workers thought Johnson had saved her life, saying that when the bullet began to fly, he grabbed her tightly and told her, \"I got you. \"Bet-
He came to the United States. S.
According to her autopsy, when she was 18 years old, she died from abdominal gunshot wounds in order to escape Christian persecution.
Her legs and chest were also hit.
The San Bernardino attack was the deadliest in the United States. S.
The soil that started yesterday. 11, 2001.
The FBI said Farouk and his wife, tashfain Malik, became aggressive before meeting online and privately exchanged questions about jihad and martyrdom before getting married. Twenty-
Two people survived the shooting.
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