bamboozled: furniture store does the right thing after customer dispute

Earlier this week, seaside furniture on the Thomas river described in the Bamboozled column did the right thing for customers.
Nancy Sheridan purchased thousands of dollars of furniture to replace the furniture lost from her Otelli beach home during super storm Sandy.
Subsequently, Sheridan said a store employee approved a return dispute for two items.
Sheridan said she learned that unless Sheridan pays the balance, there will be problems when the store refuses to ship from subsequent orders ---
The balance does not include a refund for the item she did not take.
Sheridan thinks she should get a refund of $1,117.
Sheridan said there were 99 from the start of the first order.
After failing to resolve the dispute, she asked for deception.
We contacted store employee Jamie Uri and she did not answer any questions for five days.
On the fifth day, Ulrey said she was in a meeting but promised to call her at the end of the meeting.
She didn\'t. our deadline for publication is up.
It was a Friday.
Over the weekend, we emailed Ulrey to remind her that the story was broadcast on Monday.
The special order was not canceled, she said.
We reminded her that Sheridan said they had a conversation, as well as handwritten documents indicating that the customer would refund the mattress and the steps, minus the restocking fee.
Ulrey said it was wrong for her to accept the return of an item.
When asked about the second project-
No mattress delivered on the truck so customer did not receive ---
She said she had no other comments.
On the day the column started, Ulrey sent another email.
\"Please note that this is a legal issue and that is why we are not able to make a comment.
\"Later that day, we talked to Izzy Lindner, the furniture owner at the beach.
Lindner said he knew nothing about the dispute or our attempt to contact the store before the story was published.
\"I want to solve this problem,\" he said . \"
\"I really apologize for this nightmare.
It\'s a nightmare and a mess, it\'s not the way we run our business.
Lindner shared a surprise.
Before our story began, the seaside furniture company filed a lawsuit against Sheridan in Ocean County, claiming that Sheridan owed money to the store.
\"But this is not my goal,\" Lindner said . \"
We checked the invoice and payment.
Finally, Lindner agreed to credit the items to Sheridan as long as she paid the remaining balance ---$82. 01 --
And deliver the remaining items.
We also asked him to file a lawsuit.
He said the opening date was October.
19, he did not withdraw, but did not appear on the date of the tribunal, but said that the tribunal would automatically dismiss it.
We contacted the pastor of Ocean County to make sure it worked that way, and the representative said yes.
It will be fired if the store does not show up.
But the representative suggested that the store submit a \"notice of dismissal\" which would ensure that no further action would be taken by all parties.
We followed up with the beachside hotel furniture factory and asked it to formally dismiss the case.
Izz\'s daughter, Laura Lindner, said the company called the court to cancel the legal action against Sheridan.
We also offer Seaside an opportunity to share more comments with readers. \"We . . .
\"Try to provide the best customer service possible,\" Lara Lindner said in a statement . \".
\"Since we are a fully customized furniture store, all orders are unique and special;
Customer select specific fabric/finish/size etc.
Meet their needs
When the contract was completed, she said, \"The customer signed the contract, agreed to the items purchased on their behalf and agreed to our store policy.
Due to the custom details in each order, we cannot take them back after the special order furniture enters our warehouse, but deliver them to our customers.
\"In order to put an end to this situation, we agree to resolve any remaining issues and discrepancies directly with Our Lady in violation of our store policy
\"Sheridan, she notes that the company will\" go beyond \"to meet the needs of its customers,\" she said.
We asked Sheridan about Ulrey agreeing to return the item.
\"With regard to mattresses and bunk-bed stairs, we allow Sheridan people to cancel the part that customers decide they no longer want,\" she said . \".
\"We will also deliver all final items to Sheridan next week to complete all unpaid items on the contract.
Sheridan was pleased with the resolution.
She confirmed on October.
She said she confirmed the remaining arrears.
\"I hope the beachside furniture company will look at its customer service policies so that others don\'t have to go through them,\" Sheridan said . \".
\"I\'m glad it\'s over.
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