If you notice that people seem to have done more in bed these days, then you may agree that the bedroom tag seems to be best suited to this particular room in the house.
No, we\'re not talking about the obvious: the various activities that used to happen in the living room, dining room, and even the kitchen were in bed.
To this end, we offer you the following pages of all sorts of goodies for all your bedroom activities, from sleeping to working, to relaxing, to sharing family moments, all of which you like, thank you for some suggestions for the decor of the bed and windows.
Toshiba 14-TV/DVD combo
Built-in LCD TVIn Slot-Load DVD, $549.
99 function side
DVD player is loading. 800-631-3811, tacp. toshiba.
Portable DVD slot-
7-loading playerinch (16:9)Tablet Slim-
Built-in line format for $550
Stereo speakers. 800-229-1235, audiovox.
Emerson Radio SpongeBob 13-
$199 TV/DVD package.
99 parental controls with pinlock provide viewing control. 800-898-9020, bestbuy.
Mintek Digital 23-
Inch widescreen LCD with DVD, $1,299.
99 including threein-one memory-
Multimedia card socket. 866-709-9500, amazon.
LG Electronics 23-
Built-in LCD TV HD display
DVD players cost $1,499. 95 Built-into-
Space-saving Stand DVD player. 800-243-
0000, Circuit City. Com axis month-
LCD TV/monitor with slot
DVD players cost $299.
99 includes video games and camera input. 800-982-3389, axiontv.
Goods International Hello Kitty 13-
Color TV/DVD combo, $199.
99 features-
Hello Kitty control display on screen. 800-777-5331, bestbuy. com TOP-OF-
The bed cover is full of love for the Buddha, the Queen\'s bed cover, $460 to warm you up with the cosmic symbol. 212-873-
1715, lying Buddha.
Eddie Bauer family Inn series, full/queen\'s cover, $259 in geometric design, exquisite look. 800-426-
8020, eddiebauerhome.
Com wild cat territory jazz, Queen\'s duvet cover, $189 in green grass tones on cotton. 212-473-
6662, wild territory.
Com Croscill Home Ava, Queen\'s quilt set, $299, dress up your bed with a tweed. 866-568-7378, lnt.
This paisley brightens your bedroom for $500. 877-
BONSWIT, bonswit.
Com Christian Fischbacher luxury night, queen duvet cover, good night for $549, custom made. 800-776-
6999, fischbacher.
Titanium, Queen\'s quilt, $169.
Feel the excitement of your favorite show. 800-222-6161, jcpenney.
Peacock Lane, Kenya, Queen\'s cover, $520 nature-
The inspiration design is very relaxing. 800-810-
0708, peacockalley.
Isaac Mizrahi mixed metaphor, queen duvet set, $71.
Your modern taste is 99 black and white. 800-591-3869, target.
Note: All prices are Queen\'s
Bed size window treatment Ex
Anna, the $20 traditional pattern adds warmth to the bedroom. 800-223-
The 1999-inch gold panel of the human body, the $178 rich, glossy fabric makes elegance. 800-309-
Anthropology, 2500.
Martha Stewart, $23 complex lacework, fan edge. 248-463-1000, kmart.
Fashion house Bellisima, Com Sunham Home, $150 two pocket panels will provide clothing for any window. 800-462-3966, macys.
Com Hunter Douglas Duterte, Honeycomb, $191 Custom Products, transparent, semi
Transparent and opaque. 800-789-
Hunter Douglas 0331
Large central Waverley French door-
Spa, $40, easy to install, no curtain rod required. 800-423-5881, waverly. com J. C.
Penney Monticello Chenille, $40 woven Chenille, luxury floral pattern. 800-322-1189, jcpenney. com Park B.
Smith Maldives magic blind, $60 bamboo blind is easy to hang on the curtain rod. 212-889-1818, pbsltd.
Com Linen \'n stuff string Time panel, $25 edge window decoration is pure fun. 866-568-7378, lnt.
Comtrueform Seeley mattress, $1,699 Seeley first
Memory foam bed line. Sealy.
Com Gold Bond mattress with $2,999 worth of foam, cashmere and silk fibers with wrap coils. 800-873-
8498, gold mattress.
Com sleep innovation Marion recovery system, $1,499 per $12
Inch memory foam mattress in the box. 732-263-
Sleep innovation, 0800.
Com choose comfort sleep index 4000, $1,499 this padded air cushion bed has double comfort control. 800-535-
2337, comfortable choice.
Com Spring Air Sleep fitness mattress for $1,699 eachcloth ticking. 847-439-Springair, 4399. com Tempur-
Pedic EuroBed, $2,999 per Micro
Suede cover on memory foam. 800-886-
6466, danpu.
Com Therapedic pure touch natural splendor, $2,999 a month-
Zone cable bed with box pillow case. 866-524-
4410, puretouch @ therapedic.
Com natural response to the night rain, $1,999 three kinds of buffer foam with interior decoration layer. 800-525-
8331, natural reaction.
Health smart bedding, $1,299/piece
Insurance for consumer money laundering. 877-399-9397, simmons.
$1,999 in traditional beauty and modern features. 562-222-2500, amini.
Com woodworking products in Shaode.
Sea View computer closet, $449, small footprint, large working space. 419-446-2711, sauder.
Com room for children ribbon and bow, $699, $99, hutch for chair computer desk and creative interior design. roomstogo.
Carlisle furniture secretary, $362 nickel-
The finished hardware complements the rich, dark finish.
Com Tom Seely furniture Secretary/computer desk, USA craft for laptop is $3,500. 304-258-
2818, modern furniture.
Lexington RTA furnished Natchez computer closet, medium cherry finish, traditional style, for $399. 925-743-4000, z-linedesigns. Powell.
The $399 steel and chrome industrial chic monster desk.
O\'Sullivan furniture company Woodbridge offers crystal hardware for $299. 800-292-4092, osullivan.
Sonoma\'s jungle furniture, $400 desk, and kitchen and bathroom in wenglewood. 880-727-
2874, jungle industry.
Burnes, Boston Sevilla Street, size from 4-by-6 to 8-by-10, $10-
$20 herringbone fabric on the back of the frame. 800-343-
6290, burnesgroup.
Unusual merchandise patchwork wood rack, 4-by-
$6, 48, handmade with recycled wood from boats and houses. 888-365-
0056, Uncommon Goods.
$4-$5, $14by-6 (5-by-7 not available)
The garden-themed Pewter ends. 877-963-
3468, paper scraps.
Com Michael Hero romantic garden photo frame, $225 Oval lavender photo frame, $195 purple Oval photo frame jewelry. 866-720-
Hero 4159 Mikel
Com Reid Barton Mesa, 5-by-7, $37.
Male Image of Ebony and artificial zebra crossing. 800-343-
1383, Redden Barton.
Com Royal Dolton Zandra Luo-month-by-6, $49. 99 Butterfly-
Design frame from British designer. 800-682-
4462, Royal duerton. com F. G.
Hinge clock frame with Galassi band 2-by-
At 2 in the morning for $40, ask your loved one to set an alarm clock for you. 800-303-6890, moormenz.
Com Nachtmann section of the desktop series, 3-by-
The $49 uncut crystal gives a clear view of the loved one. 888-
Del nachtmann of the month.
De Malden nantuket Beadboard, available in various sizes for $14. 99-$19.
99 perfect summer photos. 800-426-
3578 lavender bouquet rack, 4-by-
$39 dry lavender, hidden in a bed of leaves. 800-800-
7788, calyxandcorola.
Martin Bowen Selena, 5-by-
$7, 99 gold hand leaf with bronze gloss and handmadestenciling. Martin-Aborn@msn.
Com design style distressed style frame, available in 4-by-6, 5-by-7 and 8-by-10 sizes, $7. 99-$19.
99 shabby chic style in baby blue. 800-601-
3000 baseline we have accumulated the following information about sleep and will only let you know if you promise not to doze off while reading.
Ordinary people fell asleep in seven minutes and had about 1,460 dreams a year.
We also found that sleeping consumes more calories than watching TV.
We don\'t know how many calories you burn if you fall asleep while watching TV.
About sleeping, let\'s talk about what\'s really interesting: the bed.
Our online survey team has 200 people, especially when they do something in the bedroom, and we start to gossip again. No, not that --
What did they do to the bed?
Mattress flip must be one of the least
In this world, people like to do housework, so how often do people turn over the mattress? (
By the way, the person who made the mattress said you should do it every six months. Yeah, right. )
Yes, we do have some rules followers, more than we thought.
Nearly 40% of people say they turn over the mattress at least twice a year, which will certainly make the mattress maker very happy.
But there are about three groups in the group that say it once a year or less.
The third one is very honest: they say they have never done this before. -
Just turn over the mattress.
We don\'t believe this every time we hear it, but it doesn\'t stop us from passing it on to you.
In the modern context, the word \"lack of sleep\" certainly makes no sense, but the story is like this, and the origin of this sentence dates back to the good times when the mattress was full of straw.
The bag holding the straw is hung or stretched on some kind of bed frame, fixed in the proper position with a rope.
The bed will be more comfortable if the rope is tight so you sleep better.
Therefore, have a good sleep. On to sheets.
We couldn\'t help but ask our online survey team about their questionnaire. Change habits.
Once again, our team proved that their housework was very hygienic.
About 40% said they changed sheets every week.
Less than 5% of us are pleased that they do so more often.
About the third group said they changed sheets two or three times a month, and yes, less than 5% said they changed sheets every two months or less.
Our advice: avoid spending the night in these homes at all costs.
Or bring your own sheets.
By the way, our survey team has different views on various things.
In the comments section of the form, one interviewee wrote on the whole about our survey: \"Very interesting.
\"Several forms came up later:\" It was not very interesting for me. Perhaps to you. \" Perhaps.
We think we should also ask the question of making the bed, but it turns out that someone punched us.
According to the statistics we found in the depths of the Internet, three of every four people make their beds every day.
As for the others, they seem to do this sometimes, but 5% of us never make beds.
Reminds us of a story about the mother, she is so neat and tidy
Strangely, when the children get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom, she often beds them.
Bonzo\'s bedtime: \"We have nothing to say about this topic, and we just think that without at least mentioning the bed, one of the best discussions, the discussion of the bed is incompletetime-
Worst Movie Ever
Fear of the bed is called fear of the bed-
We are worried that we have talked enough about bed and sleeping.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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