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The bedroom is the only room in the house that takes the name from a piece of furniture.
Maybe it\'s because we put such a big burden on our beds, relying on them to rest, to protect privacy, from eating and reading to providing us with a place to sit on our laptop and surf the Internet, there are close relationships and activities.
Many of us don\'t get the sleep we want or deserve, but, that doesn\'t mean that the time we spend in the bedroom and the choices we have to make them more livable are short-lived.
\"The happiest bedroom has a bed that makes you dream even before you fall asleep.
The bed is your single.
Largest bedroom investment
Choose it wisely.
I think the bedroom should be a quiet place.
Everything you might need-
The book you are writing, a bottle of water or a pot of tea and a diary-
Should be at hand.
The final fantasy for me was to settle down with a tray on Saturday morning, the dog sat on the bed feet and had a cup of coffee, all the magazines and newspapers I wanted to catch up.
Great mules and pajamas.
Designer and writer Charlotte Moss, Otto desk design, $2,498 per desk
Created high in the cable hideout
Convenient technology. 800-944-2233, dwr.
This desk is the best for small spaces for $539. 877-9-eurway, eurway.
The McGuire Faubourg Home Office is priced at $9,220 and has a variety of decoration styles. 800-662-
4847, mcgurefurniture.
Copenhagen desk, $399 brush-
The aluminum surface has a simple feeling. 212-736-
Adessohome 4440
Com Southend leads the regional trade agreement for the Oval computer desk studio, $148.
99 adjustable storage shelves for printers and CPU towers. 800-523-3987, sauder.
The $2,699 mix of tradition and modern craftsmanship. 888-486-
6554, roomandboard.
Signature of New Amsterdam nickel-Martha Stewart
A charming design offers a discreet workspace for $2,100. 888-5-
Martha Stewart, Marthacom TOP-OF-
Wakefield bedding in Williamsburg, full/queen quilt, $129 stylishly floral, gives a feminine feel. 800-446-
9240, William gmarketplace.
Sorrento off Hotel Sorrento stripes, full/queen bed duvet, $99.
99 stripes in neutral tones are gender friendly. 800-
Fortunoff, fortunoff.
Com Nicole Miller signature concentric box cover, full/queen size cover, $149.
99 satin bedspread adds luxury to the bedroom. 800-GO-
Besides, bed bathroom.
Starburst, queen duvet, stylish for $225, with pockets and smoky details. 212-473-Abc carpet 3000
Com Ann wish cream embroidered silk, duvet for $2,850 dress up your bed gracefully with silk. 212-969-9200, anngish.
$350 in traditional style but with a modern look. 800-555-
Stores in Bloomingdale
The allmart Collectibles Mod, duvet, $149 geometry square is the perfect choice for a fun bed. 888-511-
1155, indoors.
Com Collier Campbell Queen orchid quilt set for $219 with down jacket. 866-887-8884, kohls.
Com Nate Berkus Kenyan bedding, Queen\'s quilt, $169.
99 Plaid quilt anti-rust-colored print. 866-568-7378, lnt.
The Com window handles the Sequin panel of the company store, $24 to $39 per panel. 800-285-
3696, shop.
Ikea Lill, $5 per panel, can be cut to any length. 877-345-4532, ikea.
Com Garnet Hill wool tapestries reversible curtains with panels made of lightweight wool for $88 to $138 and curtains are reversible. 800-622-
6216, garnethill. com Ex-
Cell Home stratstratus $20 per face fabric with opaque and transparent appearance. 800-223-
The 1999 Hunter Douglas silhouette, Mattise series, the $452 clear panel offers light diffusion options. 800-789-
Hunter Douglas 0331com J. C.
Penney Tangiers, dark room $35 to $55 for panel suede curtains. 800-322-1189, jcpenney.
Com Kmart basic home, Chatham, $18 per platewashable. 248-463-1000, kmart. com Park B.
Smith Denville, $35 per plate, comes with antique brass buttonholes. 800-322-1189, jcpenney.
Com Waverly Essence Window, $60 per panel, with a classic damask design with modern twist. 866-568-7378, lnt.
Com mattress Serta Perfect Day \"allusions\", $2,699 custom made
Designed to update the sleep experience. serta.
Com Kingsdown body system, $2,199 posture alignment and stress point relief. 800-354-5464, kingsdown.
American lady escape--
Disney series, $866 foam-
Encapsulated coils and memoryfoam core. 800-869-
9480, Mrs. United States.
Carolina mattress Association Harmony, $1,299, 3 inch memory foam. 336-476-1333 ext.
240, Carolina linamattressguild.
Com Garme USA Bob Timberlake Signature Collection, $1,995 per piece, with a micro suede cover with a quilting top. 336-431-2356, garmeusa.
Com Englander Synergy V, $2,499 cashmere cover quilting on memory foam. 800-837-5337 Englandcom Tempur-
Pedic International initiated by Tempur-
Pedic, $1,199, is an updated version of the company\'s first mattress. 800-886-
6466, danpu.
Comfortaire GS 1100, $3,299 Super
Soft cover and edge-to-Edge support. 800-759-
0594, comfortaire.
Com Dormia mattress Ultimate, $2,822 per three
Partition latex core with 3-
Memory foam. 800-273-0573, dormia.
Contemporary bedroom carpet Emma Gardner water flowers $225 per square foot
Chinese silk is knotted with Tibetan wool. 877-377-
3144, emmagardnerdesign.
Napa Collection, $999. 99 for a 6-by-
Inspired by nine designs from California wine country. 800-600-7729, abbyson.
Mohawk\'s choice of lava, about $299. 5. 5-by-8 Free-
The flowing pattern creates the illusion of movement. 866-429-
5001 National Geographic wings from the tropical wind collection, about $599. 5. 5-by-8.
Inspired by global exploration. 800-832-8020, owsphinx. com Trans-
Liora Ocean tic from Liora Manne Collection, about $499. 5-by-
Pastel shades like watercolor. 800-733-
6784, across the ocean.
Angela Adams haven, $101 per square foot, all wool designs in custom sizes and colors. 800-255-
9454, angelaadams.
Com imported Milan series of Greek carpets for $5-599by-
A color that lights up any room. 888-
Frocati, frocati
Com Momeni New Wave Collection, $5-$499by-
One of the hottest color combinations of the season. 800-536-6778, momeni.
Com Surya Goa series, $5-$399by-
According to the latest interior decoration fabric design. 706-625-4823, suryarugs.
City View lights Murray Feiss, $178.
Sexy waist profile 50 stylish cinch. 718-292-2024, feiss.
The San dance Sebastian lamp, worth $175, is an elegant antique brass with Art Deco style. 800-422-
2770, sundancecatalog.
Dell Tiffany mission desk lamp, $439.
99 rich colors illuminate the Home Office. 708-352-
Hortonshome 2110
Woven rectangular light by Nate Berkus, $59.
Made of seaweed and linen. 866-568-7378, lnt.
Com Robert Abby Sabrina desk lamp, sweet Whirlpool floral pattern on $229 glass ceramic. 718-797-
2077. Information @ shoprico.
French classic clock light for $179.
99 gorgeous but practical design of the bedroom. 708-352-
Hortonshome 2110
Great interior ceramic lamp for $59.
Fashion models of 99 colors. 888-511-
1155, indoors.
$370 handmade home Cottage leaving desk lamp
Stuart Loten\'s paintings. 877-223-4600, guild.
Com 10 Crescent Lane Baluster Lamp, exclusive light for $110, elegant lines, chocolate finish. 800-350-
1481,10 crescentlane.
Prada frame, 6-COM frame Lunt Silversmiths Agatha Ruiz de la Prada frameby-
The $155 heart-shaped design sets off your loved one. 800-793-6670, gearys. com Ross-
Simons Florence Skin Frame, 4-by-6, $99.
Florence, Italy, has a hand-made 95-skin frame with an embossed frame. 800-835-0919, ross-simons.
Com design style poker shadow frame, $19.
99 show the side of your gambling. 800-601-3000, jcpenney.
Com Z Galery steamson series, 5-by-7, $10.
Artificial 95 petal pink
The Suede lint frame makes everything beautiful. 800-908-6748, zgallerie.
Hexagonal red frame of ceramic barn, 5-by-4.
The glittering frame of $5, $14 is surrounded by bright jewelry clusters and beads. 888-779-
5176, potterybarn.
Com Burnes in Brennan, Boston, $7. 99 for two 2-by-
Open the look of sterling silver at an affordable price. 800-343-
6290, burnesgroup.
Classic bead crystal frame, 4-by-
Simple and elegant styling makes it classic. 800-343-
1383, Redden Barton.
Kate Spade Cabo Isabella, 5-by-
$7 or $50 also has a pink or black accent. 866-999-Kate, Kate.
Marquis, Watford, 4-by-6, $59 End-to-
It won\'t do much to finish the rolling work. 800-955-Watford 1550
Radiant tray by silversmith, 4-by-6, $9.
It is very suitable for his bedside table. 718-418-
Rita G. White floral frame 6785 pieces of secret jewelry, 5-by-7, $49.
99 lacquered flowers add sweet, feminine touch. 718-418-1000, godinger.
Umbra balance frame, 4-by-6, $19 pairs
Double sided wooden frame with metal base and magnetic closure. 800-387-5122, umbra. com Caption(s)
Designer and author Charlotte Moss
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