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The hottest trends in the living room can give your home the advantage of a designer.
How do you keep up with the trend so your house won\'t be like last year?
New decorative trends occur every year in Europe and the United States, as the decoration in the previous seasons looks outdated and begins to decline.
To stay in touch, check out international magazines and websites or local websites for new trends in popular homes.
You will find that moving overseas has five major impacts.
Adopting these trends is safe and should prepare you for at least the next few years.
White: you can live in a whole
White room with family?
In fact, if your sofa has a durable leather or washable cover, yes.
The white interior is now very stylish and has a strong impact.
Accessories in different shades of white and texture finish the look.
Monochrome: add black to more drama.
Black leather sofa, white floor, plaid cushion and tweed.
Modern style: modern style is redefined every year, but the principle is the same: sharp edges, square and rectangular furniture, authentic materials.
So, a concrete fireplace with wooden floors and a large sofa.
Maybe there\'s something red to play.
But keep it simple.
New Classic: perfect for a villa or a more traditional family.
For the new classic look, consider symmetry and balance: place a mirror above the fireplace, lights on both sides of the sofa and a coffee table in a central position.
On this oasis of orderly calm, add a bust image to the base, and add one or two lush green leafy plants to the living room to make you live quietly.
Wallpaper: geometric patterns on walls and sculpture furniture create a stylish retro atmosphere.
Consider the big picture and give the wallpaper a chance in your living room.
Designer Trudie Kroef designed this stylish room from a geometric wallpaper.
The wallpaper she chose was busy, but used in these neutral tones, with less threat to nervous decorators.
\"Keep the furniture and accessories simple,\" she said . \".
She found a batten chair and stool, and if you look closely, the shape echoes the wallpaper pattern, not the heavy furniture.
The curtain is a pale Hesen fabric that is chosen for its flying feel, plus its durability in this light --filled room.
The Nuby texture was enlarged on the white carpet.
The lamp is a decorative decoration, not for serious reading, but all the elements are added to a bright, fresh living room.
Kroef said that when using wallpaper, select a wall to avoid over-use.
If you are upset with the pattern, please choose a lighter color tone.
Add subtle low profile furniture.
\"I can also imagine the room with a white sofa and a white accent,\" she said . \".
It takes courage to live easily, but personality is a reward.
Black and White: The simple way to inject drama, men also like it.
Modern: it is still fashionable to keep the square: geometric rules. White: Gallery-
It\'s like a blank canvas that makes art flourish.
New Classic: two of everything and the rules of symmetry.
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