Building Hope for Kids with Bob\'s Discount Furniture - Blog 2

On Friday, January 19, the flyer wife visited Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and chose to fill the furniture of O\'Malley\'s renovated home.
Bob\'s discounted furniture staff welcomed us and offered the best service and hospitality as we started our visit to the showroom.
From the bedroom, living room furniture and decor, the options are endless as the wife envisions putting each O\'Malley room with the items needed for the renovation.
Children\'s Hope construction projects are beyond our imagination and we will always thank you for maintaining this partnership again this year.
In order to ensure that every room in the Omali family receives the necessary updates and design features, the leaflet wives are grouped from the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom and the common area.
Special care and imagination were given to the layout and theme of each room, especially to find the perfect paint color donated by Sherwin Williams, as well as the lighting and decoration of each room suitable for the Omali family.
This year we caught up with Maddie before our shopping trip and heard her thoughts about her new room.
She was happy to share her dream of having a princess.
Inspired Room with a large mirror in pink and purple.
Plus some knowledge of the features Maddie parents want their child\'s room, flyer wife has the direction they need to go to work!
Within hours of shopping, the flyer\'s wife knew they had found the perfect addition to the O\'Malley family home.
Maddie and her family decided to stay with their family during the renovation until the family show day on February 14.
Next, Bob\'s discounted furniture delivery team will head to Maddie\'s home to deliver all the items selected during the flyer wife shopping tour the week before the show.
It\'s exciting that we still have a few weeks before the finish of the renovation!
Please keep an eye on more updates and follow our next blog to highlight the renovations of O\'Malley house.
Special thanks to our partners for their strong support and for participating in this amazing project: Michael Road, Fastrack building, discounted furniture for Bob, Sherwin Williams, RCR industry and
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