businesses making resin wicker deck furniture

Buying resin wicker outdoor furniture does not mean that you have to find a meager choice at a local garden center or a department store retailer.
Just because you\'re buying resin wicker outdoor furniture, you don\'t need to be content with anything sold at a garden store or discount department store.
It\'s possible to find high-quality, well-
The design of outdoor wicker furniture has been done by three companies around the world --
Agio International from Australia, Ficks Reed from Chicago, Gloster from Indonesia and the UK.
To learn more about these unique furniture companies, read on.
The wicker furniture range of Agio International is high-
Quality, able to resist and withstand any weather conditions.
Their Wicker is treated with a solid resin, which is even ultraviolet
Stable to prevent it from fading and cracking in the sun.
The company does everything from sunloungers to full terraces.
Resin wicker outdoor furniture produced by Agio International is of high quality, but the price is also very expensive.
Their wicker furniture is hand-woven and well handled, but the price tag for hundreds or even thousands of dollars is enough to scare away most consumers.
For more than 120 years, Reed ks Reed has been making furniture with rattan, wicker, bamboo and other exotic hard wood.
The company makes most of its sales through custom orders, followed by offering customers a choice of 300 styles and more than 30 colors or stains.
Their outdoor resin range is available in four colors
It includes Java, Sequoia, espresso and natural coffee.
Because the company is very popular.
The ultimate manufacturer of indoor and outdoor wicker furniture, buyers should be aware of fakes or reproductions.
Fake FIK Reid products are common.
Therefore, consumers should consult the manufacturer before purchasing to ensure that the store is a registered retailer of their products.
Alternatively, buyers can buy directly from Ficks Reed or even order a custom product.
In 1981, they began to produce teak outdoor furniture for the British market.
In 1992, the company eventually moved its factory and manufacturing headquarters to Indonesia and began producing resin wicker, metal and woven products.
Their wicker products are very high.
The quality, all done with a special resin, is designed to prevent moisture and fading light from the sun.
Although Gloster is an international manufacturer of resin wicker outdoor furniture, it does start its business as a teak manufacturer.
When the company produces high
For high quality wicker products, customers should know that resin wicker is not the main focus of their business, so the choice is more limited, so customers have the risk of stopping production of product lines.
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