care & maintenance of your outdoor wood patio furniture

Some of the most beautiful ones are made of wood.
Wood is a natural product, but when exposed to moisture and changes in temperature and humidity, the wood reacts in various ways.
Proper maintenance of wooden courtyard furniture will ensure longevity in the years exposed to these elements.
Perhaps the most ideal, arguably the most expensive outdoor wooden furniture.
Teak is a beautiful honey
Colored, dense, tropical hard wood, capable of resisting pests and containing natural oil, capable of resisting decay and decay.
Unfortunately, it will take at least 60 years for the teak to reach the reportable size, and, because the demand for teak furniture is so large, the supply of teak is not as easy as that of other wood such as cedar, oak or pine.
Prices of teak rose sharply as supply did not meet demand.
However, the advantage of teak is that it can last for more than 50 years through proper maintenance, which makes the initial investment of many homeowners worthwhile.
Although it is not necessary to clean teak, it is not a bad idea to clean the outdoor teak furniture every year to remove the accumulation of pollen, juice or mold.
Apply a layer of teak oil after each cleaning (optional)
If you want to keep the original honey color of the wood.
As Teak prices become more expensive for many homeowners, other tropical hard wood is becoming more and more popular.
Like teak wood, eucalyptus wood is beautiful, dense, durable, and not easy to rot and pests.
The rapid growth of eucalyptus trees makes them more accessible and affordable.
Like outdoor teak furniture, outdoor eucalyptus furniture can be treated with teak oil after annual cleaning to help maintain the natural color of the wood (if desired).
Other popular options for outdoor wooden furniture include.
But these woodsEspecially pine trees)
, Must be treated with preservatives to prevent rot, which can happen quickly depending on weather conditions.
Protect this wooden furniture with water
It is also recommended to use stain-resistant, protective oil or polyurethane.
There will be many options for your local hardware store, and the store assistant should be able to help you choose the most suitable protective agent for the weather conditions in your area.
The furniture should be cleaned once a year and the protective agent of your choice needs to be re-applied regularly (
See manufacturer\'s instructions for more information).
Outdoor wooden furniture should be cleaned once a year.
Mix a tablespoon of bleach, five tablespoons of mild liquid gel and a gallon of water, and gently scrub the mixture on the surface of the wooden furniture with a soft brush.
Wash the solution from the furniture and let it dry completely in the sun.
It may be necessary to repaint or restain the wood furniture at this time to cover and protect any areas of wear or damage.
No matter what type of wood your outdoor furniture uses, if you stay in a damp, wet or cool place for a long time, all the wood is prone to rot and rot.
Wood saturated with rain is more likely to distort and rot, so it is strongly recommended to use a waterproof protective cover when the furniture is not in use to keep the wooden patio furniture in good condition.
The bottom of the furniture leg may be the most vulnerable when the water is damaged.
If wooden furniture is placed on the grass, on the edge of the pool or on the surface where a small amount of rain is collected, the legs are easily saturated and damaged.
Covering the bottom of each furniture leg with small pieces of rubber material or cedar fence material will help protect your furniture from bottom-up rot.
In addition, extreme temperatures can have an impact on wooden furniture.
In the cold winter months, it is highly recommended to keep wooden patio furniture in a shed or garage.
Finally, exposure to chemicals including solvents and chlorine, exposure to common items such as alcoholic beverages, plants and nectar, and hot items (
From the grill, for example)
It can stain or damage the wood and many wood finishes.
It is also important to prevent plastic objects, such as plastic tablecloths, toys, meal mats and appliance covers from lying on wooden furniture for a long time, because plastic will color the wood.
The plastic will also stick to the wood and damage the surface of the wood.
The service life of any wooden courtyard furniture depends to a large extent on the type of wood used and the local weather conditions.
Proper maintenance of outdoor wood furniture can significantly improve the service life of outdoor wood furniture and maximize investment.
Outdoor wood furniture is a comfortable, natural addition to any backyard, deck, patio or garden, and after careful care, it will leave a beautiful impression for many years.
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