city removing newspaper boxes, street furniture for g20

Go get the newspaper when you can.
In preparation for the G20 summit, the city will strip about 745 newsboxes from downtown Toronto by Friday.
The newspaper box is part of a larger plan to dismantle about 1,000 pieces of street furniture in June 26 --
27 summits were held at the Metro Conference Center.
29 temporary shelters, 200 bins and 5 information pillars will also be demolished, all of which will disappear by June 9.
\"The implementation of this measure is not unusual to ensure the safety of everyone,\" said city spokesman Kevin Sack, at a time when we expect the number of pedestrians to exceed the normal number.
\"We want to make sure everyone has a very safe G20 experience.
\"The relocation will affect the area bordering the post-Holy King.
There are also Lake Ontario and Yonge St.
And Spadina Avenue.
Queen\'s Park is a protest site designated by the summit, and furniture will also be removed from University Avenue.
Between Queen StreetW. and Bloor St. W. by June 18.
From July 5, all newspaper boxes will be reinstalled and street furniture will be reinstalled from June 28.
Each newspaper will tear down its own boxes and outdoor Starlight Media, which provide and maintain street furniture for the city, responsible for dismantling transit shelters, bins and information pillars, Sark said.
The garbage bag will temporarily replace the bin so that the torotonians can still store the garbage, said Sack.
He said the city is also considering whether bike rings need to be removed.
At the same time, Canada Post also deleted its mailbox from the heart of the city from June 18.
They will be returned on June 28.
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