cnc equipment opens: new doors for texas-based custom company: new cnc machining center enables custom door manufacturer el paso wood products to also produce furniture components on a high-production basis.

Largest bi-
In the national metropolis of North America, El Paso wood products have successfully crossed the demand for the production of single Wood
A large number of custom bathroom doors, including color glass varieties, make hotel furniture factory components for original equipment manufacturers at high places
Production base.
30-all manufacturingyear-
Old, El Paso, TX-
New 34,000-based-square-
Walking facilities in Juarez, Mexico.
In addition to the production of colored glass and oblique cut glass doors, El Paso wood products also produce solid wood and thick veneer plywood core doors.
The unique thing about the company is that it produces all the manual
Engraving, decorative molding, and stained glasshouse. (
View the glass sidebar on page 50. )
When we first startedin 1975]
We\'re doing panel doors.
The panel door market is fiercely competitive, so one of my reps suggested that the colored glass doors vary and can be sold well, \"said Alejandro Fernandez, the company\'s boss.
\"I took classes and then brought teachers and designers to help my other staff work.
\"In the first 10 years, the design was hand drawn and Fernandez did most of the work.
\"Ten years later, we turned to AutoCAD.
Now everything is in AutoCAD, \"he said.
The customer sends the type of size and door style.
Although customers can submit their own designs or choose existing designs from the El Paso wood products catalog, Fernandez still does most of the design work.
About 60% of El Paso\'s wood products business is the production of fixed doors, mainly sold nationwide through OEMs.
\"We can make the whole house, or there is only one entrance,\" Fernandez said . \".
El Paso wood products door manufacturing company is a vertically integrated company that controls all production stages except finishinghouse.
Every door is customized. in-
Depending on the complexity of the design and scheduling requirements, the turnaround time ranges from 4 weeks to 10 weeks.
About 80 employees work in the factory, dividing between glass manufacturing, rough grinding operations and machining applications.
Workers are crossing in order to eliminate downtime
Train machines including CNC equipment.
El Paso wood products have a number of CNC machine tools, including the recent purchase of the Homag Optimat B0F 311 processing center for one month-
Positioning tool changer with modular work head and multiple machining centers, as well as SCM recording 130 machining center
Function workbench.
Both have the ability to process stiles, rails, and panels.
\"We started using CNC routers three years ago,\" Fernandez said . \".
\"We can do something on both sides, but now we have a door that is almost dedicated to cutting [high-production]
\"The production process starts with the rough Mill area where the wood is torn and cut on the Raimann flexrip 5200.
The machine can also perform tilt, Mitter and Mitter, enabling the company to eliminate most of the table saw and cut-off saw.
El Paso wood products also feature a smaller Raimann ProfiRip KM 310 with a maximum rip size of 3 1/2 by 12 1/4.
The board is planned on the Extrema Pro Series dual surface machine, which enables plane and connection in one pass.
The upcoming installation is Cameron automated Opti-
Matching System for color sorting, panel size and optimization.
Fernandez said he bought the machine last year after IWF saw it.
\"When we introduce Cameron, we only need a deadline of 45 minutes.
\"The angle on the beam,\" he added . \".
El Paso wood products use Robland T-cutting large panels
The F92 horizontal saw of 120 and odenddo.
There is also a Lobo level boring machine in the store, an old-fashioned medal winner Challoner double-
End tenoner and a newer Maxym Technologies machine for mortising and tenoning doors.
Tools in-
House on Wadkin grinder.
In addition to the Wadkin molds for cutting straight dies, the company also uses Williams and Hussey molds for straight, round and oval cuts in small sizes.
Craftsmen of El Paso wood products are hand-carved into shapes with unique details.
The company recently purchased a Pro-
After seeing it in IWF last year, the technology machinery molding machine.
The machine is used to make an ellipse. and full-round forms.
\"It takes about two hours to do things that used to take almost two days now,\" Fernandez said . \".
Most doors are made of solid wood from species such as walnuts, poplar trees, red oak, white oak, mahogany and maple trees.
About a year ago, the company also started building custom plywood core doors with thick veneers.
There are three hydraulic presses for laying single boards for El Paso wood products, as well as the durer adhesive and clamping machines for construction.
\"The plywood core door has great stability and [help offset]
The price of wood is too expensive and crazy, \"Fernandez said.
The large panels on Lobo and A are polished smooth. Costa sanders.
There\'s a Murphy in the company-
Rogers dust removal system is in place to eliminate wood dust accumulated in plants.
\"In Mexico, we follow the same rules as OSHA,\" Fernandez said . \".
For some time, the company has diversified its manufacturing sector into niche markets.
However, some new equipment has been added, especially Homag, with increased capacity-
New opportunities--
Used for El Paso wood products.
\"The larger equipment brought new volumes,\" Fernandez said . \".
\"We are already doing some components, but in order to use the machine [
Realize its full potential
We found more customers.
\"Parts Manufacturing for El Paso wood products has grown over the past year and currently accounts for about 40% of its business.
The company\'s clients include prominent figures such as Brown Jordan and American leather furniture.
\"We\'re going into components so that our business doesn\'t have to be cyclical,\" said Francisco Fernandez, son of Alejandro . \".
In addition to his other duties, Francisco helped coordinate the production of hotel furniture factory.
Typically, for companies like Brown Jordan, El Paso Wood Products process 300 to 400 sets per week, \"although our goal is to process 800 sets per week,\" Francisco said.
The component part of the business usually has two-
\"On CNCs, we can complete orders full of goods in about six hours,\" Francisco added . \".
In addition to basic machining, El Paso wood products are of value
Add work like add T-
Nuts for sofa bed.
This is an additional service to get customers back to El Paso wood products.
Similarly, what helps the company retain its employees is the additional services and benefits provided to the employees.
\"One reason we don\'t have much turnover is that we even pay new employees twice the minimum wage,\" Francisco said . \".
\"Our benefits are also very good.
\"In addition, the company strives to keep its employees in good shape --to-
Date of new technology.
\"We currently have a person programming for machines, but others have knowledge,\" Francisco said . \".
\"We also teach young people to operate CNC machines, and we will also let them go to class so that they are familiar with computers.
\"El Paso Wood Products, Inc. , El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico, were founded in 1975 and El Paso wood products specializes in the production of custom interior and exterior doors for solid wood and stained glass.
The company\'s products are diversified to produce hotel furniture factory components for OEMs
Production base.
El Paso Wood Products Co. , Ltd. 34,000-square-
The foot factory in Juarez and six other people in El Paso\'s office.
Three keys: 1.
Vertical integration of El Paso wood products, all production stages--
Including color glass manufacturing-performed in-house. 2.
The increase in CNC equipment, including the machining center installed at the end of last year, has enabled the company to improve its production capacity, with component manufacturing currently accounting for 40% of its business. 3.
Employees are cross
Train the machine to avoid possible downtime.
The difference between El Paso wood products and other door companies is that the company designs, cuts and produces its own colored glass artwork.
Glass design by owner Alejandro Si.
Make and use as a full-size drawing of the template.
The glass is cut by hand (far left)
Polish and Polish into the right shape (left).
Then place a single part in a design pattern defined by brass, lead, or zinc (below).
In addition to colored glass, El Paso wood products are made of inclined, tempered, insulated and safe glass. [
Slightly] Illustrations
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