complaints prompt theft charge for furniture merchant

Police sued the owner of a carlsada furniture company for theft on January.
28 after the customer complained that he did not deliver the product they paid.
Lev Stanick, 48, owns Ornatti LLC.
The company sells home and business furniture to customers on the MrFurniture website.
4 furniture.
Com and 4 furniture. net.
Stanik also operates in the name of modern home concept, Viva trade, Best Buy and Laflet Sabmax.
Since April, four customers have complained about Rahway resident Stanik, Detective Sgt, Carlstadt.
Said John Kerry.
On April 22, a customer paid Stanik a down payment of $2,000 for six chairs.
Cleary said Stanik never delivered the chair after a few months and also refused to communicate with the customer.
The Carlstadt investigators finally confirmed that Stanik had deposited a check for $2,000 from the client.
Another group of customers appears at the Ornatti LLC address on business Road 111.
Speaking to Stanick, Cory said.
They paid for the furniture on July 21 but have not received it as of now. 13.
Cleary said that they contacted Ornatti many times and got different reasons why the furniture was not delivered.
Stanik came out of the business Road address after several attempts to contact him to talk to customers.
On December, the customer finally received a shipment from Stanik, but the color was wrong ---
It\'s not tan, it\'s white. -
It\'s missing a piece, says Cleary.
They have been unable to reach Stanick since then.
Police were summoned to Business District 111. on Oct.
When another customer had a dispute with Stanik, Cleary said.
The customer bought the furniture for $22,000, but the quality was lower than what he ordered.
Cleary said he had been trying to contact Stanik for months, but did not succeed until he appeared in the office himself.
Another customer filed a complaint on December. 4.
Cleary said he ordered furniture from the modern home concept and paid a deposit of $1,540.
The furniture was supposed to be in October.
Kerry said, but never before.
The customer submitted a police report after multiple phone calls could not reach the company. On Dec.
The furniture arrived, Cleary said, but the color was wrong, one less.
Stanik is still not reachable by the customer.
The police issued a criminal complaint to Stanik about the theft of movable property.
He will open on February in the city court of calstadt. 18.
The national consumer affairs division sued Stanik on 2012 after receiving complaints that he had failed to deliver goods.
He settled the lawsuit with a business partner for $300,000.
The Bergen County consumer affairs office is investigating other complaints against Stanick.
Cleary asks anyone with information or complaints about Stanik to contact him (201)531-
7187 or jcleary @ carlstadtpolice.
Office of Consumer Affairs, Bergen County (201)336-6400.
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