crumbling trash can is bad, but some are much worse

Of all the street furniture provided by the city, the trash can is consistent with their expectations of failure.
Maybe we\'re hitting a dead horse, but the huge shortage of garbage and recycling containers that the city launched with great fanfare many years ago is now obvious to anyone with the lowest vision.
They are at the heart of the long line.
The city has reached a long-term agreement with the city now known as Astral Out Home to provide street furniture, including trash cans and temporary shelters, in exchange for advertising on these furniture.
The city made a profit from this arrangement.
In addition to the variety of street furniture that Astral offers, it also gets a portion of it from advertising --
But the container is a disaster.
Garbage bins initially provide a unique feature for pedestrians --
Step on the small hole of the garbage and recyclable items to open the pedal of the flap.
But the more you use, the more flaps stop working.
If this is not bad enough, the side plates on the bin start to fall off as they grow older.
It is easy to find the garbage bin that has lost one or more panels, so that a single container is exposed to it for garbage collection.
So when we get an email about the crumbling bins, it\'s almost embarrassing to remind the city\'s street furniture department;
They know better than us that bins are the worst part of the Star trade.
A recent note by Dan Abrams is about St. Clair Ave.
West of Vaughan Road.
He said it was far beyond their best. before date.
Abramsky sent us a picture and he said: \"Like many city garbage/recycling bins, this one has seen better days and months in my hood,
\"This has been the case since I recalled it.
But he worked harder in his community than ever before, adding that the \"tough\" hood.
\"We found the bin in the photo of him on the south side.
Clare near Kenwood Avenue
While it definitely needs to be replaced, we see it worse than that.
Status: We have sent a note to the city\'s street furniture department asking if it can replace the missing side panel on the complained bin Abramsky.
But it makes us wonder if it makes any sense;
They will fall again.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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