currents; aluminum furniture is lighter than it looks

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Aluminum Alloy furniture, Craig Hodgetts and the functional art gallery designed for architectural art shows in Santa Monica, California.
It just looks heavy.
\"It\'s actually very light . \"
Hodgetts talks about the combination of their \"fuselage\" tables, chairs, shelves and screens.
There is a reason why the corners of furniture are clear.
\"The form is very structured,\" added the architect . \".
\"All the strength of these parts comes from the shape of the material.
\"Materials of furniture, such as aluminum frames and sandwich panels and coatings of plastic translucent films, are used in light
The weight plane of World War II.
\"This is the romantic era of experimental aircraft design ,\"Hodgetts said. \"It was a low-tech, cut-and-
Paste period compared to today.
\"The furniture will be on display from January.
Until March 10, at the functional art gallery at 2429 Santa Monica Main Street.
A version of this article was printed on page C00003 of the National edition on January 3, 1991, with the title: current;
Aluminum furniture is lighter than it looks.
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