currents: nursery furniture; good night, glider. good night, moon.

By aric chendec.
2006 Nurseryworks, a contemporary children\'s furniture manufacturer, has introduced several pieces of furniture designed by the building of truck products.
Good Night Glider (above;
$1,100 to $1,400)
With curved plywood base and matching ottoman ($620 to $720)
It is spacious enough for both parents and children.
Crib including loom ($590 to $650)
Irregular slats and studios ($1,780)
, It features storage units with flip covers
Double the lower tray as a children\'s desk.
Both cribs can be replaced with toddler beds.
Information: nurseryworks. net; (888)508-9540.
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Good night, glider.
Good night, Moon.
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