defysupply continues growth into commercial furniture industry

With the release of the new wholesale restaurant Chair series, DefySupply has recently added a range of dining and commercial furniture.
It has just celebrated its second anniversary, growing at an astonishing 2,890%.
Com has expanded its influence in the commercial furniture industry through a series of new modern dining chairs.
On June 1, 2010, the city of Minneapolis.
Com, known for coming directly from the manufacturer\'s furniture, continues to expand into the restaurant furniture and commercial furniture industry, and has recently introduced a new range of restaurant chairs.
In addition to collecting more than 800 dining chairs, nightclub furniture and bar furniture products, DefySupply has released a new range of plastic and stackable dining chairs.
\"The furniture of the business establishment states what the place represents, the quality and the image it wants to display,\" said a brand manager at DefySupply . \".
Including this new range of restaurant furniture, DefySupply now has more than 3,700 SKUs, nearly 30 times higher than many competitors.
Their commercial furniture, like their home furniture, is particularly unique as it is all customizable and sold at a price that cannot exceed the price in a free shipping manner.
Allowing customers of all sizes to change the color of their models will only increase their competitive advantage and their growing niche in the modern and commercial furniture industry.
About DefySupply Minneapolis
Based on DefySupply is the world wide web
Companies selling all types of furniture in rock-
Bottom manufacturer price directly for commercial customers and consumers.
By establishing exclusive relationships with producers around the world, DefySupply is able to ship small or large quantities of goods directly to customers, without charging traditional fees that customers often pay when purchasing through wholesale or retail channels.
DefySupply offers two price options for $4 a month membership.
Annual membership of $99 or $38.
99, both provide members with the lowest possible price and flexible payment method.
DefySupply also proposed some
Member pricing for all products is slightly higher than member pricing.
For more information about DefySupply, please visit www. DefySupply. com .
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