Dining Room Double Duty

As work becomes harder and harder, more and more people work from home.
But sometimes it\'s hard to find a place for a home office.
Interior designer Kristan Cuningham shares some amazing ideas with Early Show news anchor Russ Mitchell about how to turn a space that uses the least but most prominently into your office.
Most likely, you will never know where it is.
You can get your restaurant to do double work, according to Cunningham
As a disappearing home office
Using the \"Now You See, now you don\'t have it\" method, you can convert one of the least
The most used but visible part of most families
The restaurant becomes a home office and will not be noticed until you need it.
Protesters interrupted Harris kunham\'s suggestion in a shooting incident at momigiña beach in Connecticut: Fax Machine: multi-function printer/fax/copier/phone IDcan is covered in a basket with no bottom, it will be simply mentioned when you need it.
It is placed on a table and can be used to store linens and office supplies.
Hatcher: part of the glass front of Hatcher is covered with frosted contact paper, and the top is clearly visible, showing dishes and service utensils.
Behind the glass door are documents, books and all the desktop supplies.
The table supplies are placed on the tray and the ink absorber, simply taking out one of the put items on the table.
Cunningham recommends putting a desk ink absorber under it to protect the wood.
The lights in the restaurant are already there and the lights are good.
There are more office supplies on the bottom side of Hu and dishes on the other side.
Bulletin Board: the work of art can be hung on the rails and let it slide to one side to reveal the cork and black planks below.
Although the hotel furniture factory on the exhibition comes from Raymour & Flannigan, Cunningham notes that existing hotel furniture factory can be used or more expensive/cheaper.
Office supplies and containers are standard and can be replaced by any brand.
The wall track of the artwork is the only specific item and the price of the accessories is about $70.
For more information on where these items can be found, click here.
At a time when technology is essential for hotel furniture, ensuring that it works in a symbiotic way with your human employees is key.
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