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It is sturdy, eco-friendly and a little more expensive than the raw materials normally used.
However, bamboo furniture and clothing are worth a try.
In today\'s world, the use of every raw material needs to take into account sustainability and ecological friendliness, and it is a reasonable choice to use bamboo as an alternative raw material.
In the northeastern region of India, bamboo is used in many changes and utilities due to terrain and geographical conditions, and furniture designers and clothing designers are rapidly introducing more viable and sustainable bamboo options.
While what surprised most of us is that not only is the manufacture of bamboo furniture under study, but also the use of bamboo in textiles is also undergoing a lot of experiments, alternatives to cotton.
Bamboo has biodegradable properties and is a better choice for a home that represents the environment.
In India, institutions like the National Institute of Design have pioneered research in what can be designed with bamboo.
Further research is Professor MP Ranjan of NID, who has devoted most of his time to bamboo furniture.
Professor Ranjan has contributed many furniture designs using bamboo, some of which can be found in NID.
Professor Ranjan believes that the price of bamboo furniture is very expensive.
While the price of a four-person table with chairs may exceed Rs 1, experts in the field say the material represents durability.
You can take the bamboo home in many ways :-
If you think the clothes are too far-fetched, think about the furniture.
If you want to change a piece of furniture, be sure to buy bamboo instead of ordinary furniture. -
If you want to save space, bamboo coffee tables, chairs, then reading the table will not only make your home beautiful, but also add elements of mystery and intrigue. -
Bamboo center tables, bamboo stools and bamboo sofas will only add more grade to your lobby. -
Plan to invest in bamboo.
If you want to feel special while sleeping, a bamboo bed will not only satisfy your simple instinct, but will also make your room enviable.
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