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Nagpur: will the bamboo industry get the reward it deserves in \"advantage vidarbha?
Day events that drive the Vidarbha region to become an investment destination?
Although it is an industry of Rs 5,000, the development of bamboo industry is still ignored by those who are expected to promote the development of bamboo industry.
Forest department of Maharashtra (FDCM)
And Maharashtra small Industrial Development Corporation (MSSIDC)
That\'s it.
FDCM, it should be promoting ecology now.
In-state tourism, prefer to use steel furniture in resorts/holiday homes in Bor, chihaladala, semado, colcas, najira, grevada and pani
Bamboo furniture is friendly.
S. P. Wadaskar, department manager of FDCM, said steel furniture was the first choice due to price contract restrictions.
\"However, we will develop a Rs 5 lakh for bamboo more
The utility Center of Bor, \"added Wadaskar.
With the development of the green market, the National Bamboo Association (NBM)
An initiative of the planning commission focusing on small, bungalow, small and medium size-
Promoting the construction of ecological civilization with scale units
Friendly and valuableadded bamboo-based products.
The planning team estimates that the market size of India\'s bamboo industry will grow to Rs 26,000 by 2015.
However, bamboo
Rich Vidarbha is completely ignored at this point.
The vidabba bamboo (VBM)
Non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs, artisans, farmers, designers and engineers working to promote bamboo strongly protested the action of FDCM.
In a letter to Sarvesh Kumar, managing director of FDCM, VBM coordinator Sunil Joshi noted that bamboo will be bringing livelihoods, food, economy, environmental safety and employment opportunities to people here.
With this in mind, the center launched the NBM on 2003.
However, there is no promotion of the bamboo industry even after ten years, which is painful, \"Joshi said.
\"Instead of introducing innovative ideas and utilizing forest resources, FDCM is buying steel and plastic furniture for the resort, thereby despising the basic spirit of eco-tourism,\" Joshi lamented . \".
VBM also attacked MSSIDC for ignoring the bamboo industry in the region.
VBM noted that Maharashtra was the first state in which the state government approved bamboo furniture.
MSSIDC plays a vital role by providing marketing support to government departments for bamboo products.
In a letter to national minister of industry Narayan Kumar, VBM claimed that in the past year, the MSSDIC has not taken any measures to promote bamboo products due to verbal instructions from the top.
The department manager of the MSSDIC Sheetal Shah denied the allegation and said there was no such instruction.
\"Our role is limited to marketing.
We are doing everything we can to promote bamboo products.
\"Last month, we organized a training program for the Gadchiroli tribe to produce bamboo articles,\" Shah told TOI . \".
However, due to the negative effects of MSSIDC, VBM urged the company to ask how many bamboo products the company has helped sell in government departments.
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