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And I, I. --(BUSINESS WIRE)--April18, 2000--
Leading Technology
Tailer extends the product to the core customer base for small office/home offices. com(R), Inc. (Nasdaq:EGGS)
A leading internet technology retailer
Business Solutions (R), the e-
Business and Performance Department of United stationery company(Nasdaq:USTR)
The largest wholesaler of commercial products in North America announced today that they have signed a dealer agreement.
E-commerce under the terms of the agreement
The total will make smart people.
Comto offers customers a wide range of office products to complement their technical product purchases. e-
NITED will process fulfillment of all office product orders through eghead. com.
Due to most of the sales of its small office/home office customer base, it is wise for Egghead to expand to general office products. com.
As a virtual game, it enables the company to extend to complementary products to better meet customer needs and to sell and profit without increasing overhead or reducing the company\'s high level of customer service
\"We announced last quarter that we will expand our business by collaborating on product categories to complement our current portfolio and provide a better portfolio for our customers --
Stop Shopping, \"said Jeff Shane, president and chief operating officer of eghead. com.
Sign this agreement with e-
NITED, a leading provider of office products and fulfillment solutions for Internet resellers, enables us to meet all the needs of our core customers well ---
Small office/home office users. e-
NITED Business Solutions not only offers a wide range of office products, but also provides the level of service customers expect during the shopping period on our website. \"\"Egghead.
Com\'s consistent high traffic and dedicated customers make them the ideal partner for our e-commerce
John Kennedy, president of e-commerce, said: \"Our business solutions divisionNITED.
\"We look forward to working with eghead.
Provide excellent product selection and perfect service for customers.
\"The new Egghead has a customer base of 3 million.
The website has always been one of the largest e-retail websites on the Internet.
In February 2000 alone, Egghead. com had 2.
8 million touristsAbout Egghead.
New intellectuals.
Com is a leading Internet retailer specializing in providing technical products for offices and homes.
Theorist withOnsale merged, Inc.
In November 1999, everything from computer hardware and software to consumer electronics, sporting goods and holiday packages was available.
Its auction site offers bargains about excess goods and services. Egghead.
Com combines a wide range of options, low prices and quality services to provide excellent online shopping experience for businesses and consumers. Egghead.
Com is located on the Internet. egghead. com. About e-NITEDe-
NITED Business Solutions helps retailers, dealers and other Business businesses focus on their strengths in sales and marketing.
It achieves this by providing them with a complete set of integrated marketing, customer solutions, fulfillment, distribution, and value --addedservices.
In addition, as a department of joint stationery, e-
NITED has access to one of the largest distribution networks in North America-
With 66 integrated distribution centers serving the United States, Mexico and Canada--
Have nearly 80 years of experience in meeting customers and end consumers.
For more information, please visit. e-nited. com.
About United stationery
Sales are $3.
United stationery company 4 billion(Nasdaq:USTR)
It is the largest wholesaler of commercial products in North America.
USTR produces more than 35,000 products, including traditional office products, computer consumables, office furniture, commercial machines, audio equipment.
Provide visual equipment, cleaning and hygiene supplies to 20,000 dealers.
It provides these products within 24 hours of receiving the order through the use of the integrated distribution system connecting 39 regional distribution centers, 21 Lagasse distribution centers, and six Azerbaijan distribution services for computer supply dealers center.
Its focus on fulfillment of excellence gives USTR a98 % order fill rate, 99.
5% order accuracy and 99% on-
Best price.
For more information, please visit www.
Joint stationery. com.
The company\'s common stock traded in the USTR symbol on the Nasdaq National Market System and was included in the S & P 600 index.
In addition to the statement on historical issues, this press release may contain \"forwarding-
\"Look\" the statements referred to in Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, including projections of our business.
For example, statements of future tense, and statements of our \"expectation\", \"plan\", \"estimate\", \"expectation\" or \"belief\" are all forward --
Look at the report. These forward-
Lookingstatements are based on the information we can obtain at the time of this release, and we are not obliged to update any such forwarding --
Look at the report.
The statement in this release does not guarantee future performance, and due to many factors, the actual results may vary greatly from what we currently expect.
For example, an additional offering of our common stock may reduce the market price of our stock;
Increasing average spending or revenue for our customer base may be much more difficult than we expected due to continued fierce competition;
We may encounter unexpected difficulties in carrying out our business plan.
These and other risks and uncertainties related to our business are detailed in our SEC document and can be obtained through www. sec. gov. (R)Egghead.
Registered trademarks of Com and ofeghead Onsale. com, Inc.
All other trademarks are owned by themselves. --30--
Brm/se * Contact: intellectuals. com, Inc.
Joanne sperance Hartzel, 650/470-
2713 jhartzell @ theorist.
Comor United stationeryKathleen S.
Dvorak 847/699-
5000 kdvorak @ ussco.
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