Elm furniture

Elm furniture

Elm furniture refers to furniture made from elm. Not matter in royal or common people, we can also see elm furniture.

Advantage of Elm furniture

1.Elm furniture adopts mortise and tenon joint structure, do not use a screw, serious in structure, delicate in making. The combination manner of Elm furniture adopts mortise and tenon joint structure, Simple and firm, in line with the principle of mechanics.

2. Chinese elm furniture is mainly of Ming style, with a simple shape, smooth lines, and elegant style. Ming-style furniture decoration appropriate, simple and heavy appropriate, appropriate local decoration.

3. Elm furniture is durable, with varnish and hand-painted, which is environmentally friendly, odorless, and pollution-free. The wood that elm furniture needs become lumber period in 50 years above, density is big, lumber is hard, the natural grain is beautiful. General ash, pine, cherry wood into timber is only 3 to 5 years, into timber time is short, wood fiber short, wood soft, love deformation.

The disadvantage of Elm furniture

1. There are new and old elm furniture, new elm furniture due to the short tree age, so it will be easy to deformation, insects, shrinkage and other problems, while old elm furniture because of the old maintenance are not good, some will produce insect eyes, cracking and other problems.

2. Because elm is not easy to dry, and without strict drying, elm furniture is easy to produce cracking, deformation, and other problems, so consumers need to see clearly when they choose and buy.

Good as elm is, it has its disadvantage -- it is not resistant to insect erosion. Everyone likes elm furniture, but bugs are particularly fond of it, so elm furniture tends to grow bugs more easily than other kinds of wood. If old elm furniture has worms, it can inject insecticidal water into the wormhole. New elm furniture can best be brushed with a layer of insect repellant, so as to achieve a "combination of prevention and control".


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