Emails Contradict Ben Carson’s Claims About $31,000 Dining Set for Office

Minister of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson and his wife were directly involved in the selection of a $31,000 custom Redwood Restaurant for his office --contrary to Mr.
According to the newly obtained documents, Carson claimed that the decision was handled by subordinates.
In an email dated August, the administrative officer of the department referred to the \"print of the Secretary and wife\'s furniture\"
Carson picked it out, \"according to 163-
Page cache of emails obtained by US regulators in Washington
A supervisory group established under the Freedom of Information Act. Mr.
Carson\'s wife, Candy Carson, played a central role in coordinating the renovation of his office suite --
According to the email, in addition to arranging an appointment with the interior decorator, reviewing the photo board of furniture selection last summer and putting pressure on the staff to find more money for the furniture.
The letters came as the Trump administration proposed massive cuts to the department.
The report also shows that senior staff at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development are busy trying to figure out ways to reconcile the lady\'s opinion.
Carson asked for a major upgrade to outdated office suites, and federal law banned spending more than $5,000 on office hotel furniture factory without congressional approval.
The \"shaking\" chairs and tables are vividly described in the mail.
In a message, Sheila Greenwood, a senior HUD official, wrote that she was concerned that one of the chairs might collapse in front of visitors --
She described it as a potential \"embarrassment \".
\"At least one gentleman
Carson\'s predecessor
Sean Donovan during President Barack Obama\'s term
According to two former agency officials, the idea of replacing furniture was abandoned when the furniture was told it would exceed the legal price limit.
He was frustrated by the lack of resources.
Former officials said Donovan took out several modern pieces of furniture from his pocket. (
The hotel furniture factory has been put into storage. )
Last spring, staff and lawyers from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development agreed
Assessment and recommendation of Mr. Donovan
Carson and his advisers object to buying anything over $5,000, no matter what is needed.
But in the summer, the email showed that one thing suddenly happened --
Consistent with the redistribution of Helen G. , a senior staff member
Foster claimed in the whistle
Blower complained that she refused to obey the lady\'s request.
Carson asked for \"money\" to fund more luxurious renovations.
On August, the department\'s executive officer, Ada rodeitz, wrote to other department officials stating that the offer for the dining room table was $24,666 and that the chair and kitchen \"was very reasonable and the funds were in place.
\"We also have a reason for the cost (
As you know, furniture has not changed since 1988)
So this should not be a problem . \"
Rhodes wrote
Alison Mills, Carson\'s administrative assistantMs.
Rhodes also gave senior agency officials a detailed estimate of the restaurants offered in Baltimore. based vendor.
Including $12-$4,097
Foot red wood table and base, \"Jefferson sideboard\" $6,488, more than $7,000 for 10 chairs.
Due to unclear reasons, when the fee was logged into the federal procurement database in December, an additional fee of approximately $7,000 was added.
Department spokesman Raffi Williams said the money was legally allocated because the table in the restaurant played a role nationwide and did not strictly comply with the restrictions on the renovation of the secretary\'s office. Mr.
Carson said he did not know how high the restaurant price was and asked to cancel the order after purchase, prompting Republicans on the House oversight committee to investigate and be disclosed in the news report
These emails record lengthy exchanges between the gentlemen.
Carson\'s wife and his closest assistant are on the smallest detail of the restaurant, including a dozen samples, detailing the fabric available for the chair, which Mrs. Carson reviewed. Carson.
\"When a professional offers a choice, Madam
Mr Carson was involved in a particular style of choice . \"
Williams said Wednesday. Mr.
The email shows Carson is also interested in other improvements.
On August, when he booked the restaurant, he asked his staff, could he use any of his hotel furniture factory allowance to commission a portrait for the HUD secretary who was not included in the canvas square in the corridor outside the office.
There is no portrait of Mr. Donovan;
His successor, Julian Castroor Mr. Carson.
Lawyers in the department say the portraits cost $25,000 each, and federal law prohibits any government official from using taxpayer funds \"for portraits.
\"This ban applies to the secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development,\" a lawyer said at a meeting on August . \". 22 email to Ms. Rodriguez.
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