fabulous diy: spray paint your furniture!

Painting furniture is the quickest and easiest way to transform old hotel furniture factory.
But it\'s harder to paint furniture than it looks.
Thanks to the people on TV, including myself, many DIY enthusiasts try this method at home and the result is not very good.
If you use the traditional brush method, it is not always easy to paint the hotel furniture factory.
You have to polish, Polish and use high quality brushes to get a finished product and a professional look.
I may be a designer, but I am not an expert painter.
Over the years, I have been quite skilled in painting.
Yes, paint.
First, out of necessity, then out of pure ease and love for immediate results.
On TV, we always work under extreme time constraints.
We just don\'t have time to wait for a table to dry all day.
Sometimes our budget is limited.
I might find a great coffee table at home for $40, but it\'s not in the right color.
Oak looks cheesy and traditional, but oh-So-
Great Orange
Or almost no chandelier.
The hum of brass, the ridiculous glam of high gloss black.
Still, now that spring is finally coming, a lot of us like to do some small weekend projects and start fiddling with stuff from last fall\'s garbage dump.
This should be the weekend project.
They are still rubbish if they stay for a month.
I said, come up with a few pieces that you think are destined to be the Salvation Army and embrace the city street artist inside you!
This is a project that you can complete in a few hours.
It\'s easy for anyone to do it.
If you follow some simple tips, I promise you will enjoy the result.
It\'s unbelievable.
Note: The photo above me was taken last spring.
All the props in the photo-
Garage door included-
Buy our design team.
Cool, right?
For the record, unless you\'re on a funky hotel furniture factory photo-shooting device, I don\'t recommend painting the garage door orange. Seriously.
5 tips for wonderful painting! 1.
Practice on small things you can\'t have.
Grandma\'s old lights, footrest for sale in the garage, used wooden boards.
You see. 2.
Choose a day that is mild, sunny, windy or windless.
Rainy days or super humid days are notno.
Go out with a lot of newspapers and put your work on it.
If you do this on the lawn, do it in the middle instead of next to the tulip.
Apartment residents, hit the roof and stay super. 3.
Sand/gold if you want.
Some people will swear that you have to do it, and I have never done it.
If you are painting something full of cracks or debris, obviously this step is necessary.
In this case, do your thing using 120 sandpaper.
If not, I said go straight to the paint can.
That\'s how I roll. 4. Paint away.
Man, look at the instructions on the can.
That\'s simple.
The distance is 12 inch, and it is lightly drawn up and down.
Two coats will be finished! 5. > Beware!
This is addictive.
Every time you see something you like, you say, \"it would be cool if I painted it. . . .
\"Don\'t say I didn\'t warn you.
For the record, our painter friend dave Sartori helped us with a floor lamp and we were ready to throw something in the designer showroom from NBC\'s New York open day last week.
He is ready and brushed because he is.
Listen to your show in a few weeks!
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You can see her frequent appearances on national NBC, where she shows the latest developments in family and lifestyle!
Keep up with her online and get it in the conversation. .
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