Federal agency ‘spent $31,000 on Ben Carson’s office furniture’

Officials from the Department of Housing and Urban Development reportedly spent $31,000 on office furniture for Minister Carson, despite the White House\'s attempts to cut his institutional spending.
According to the purchase records obtained by The New York Times, items purchased include a hard wooden table and a chair.
In a statement to The Times, Housing and Urban Development spokesman Lafite Williams said that Mr. Carson was not aware of the table being purchased but did not intend to return it.
According to The Guardian, a senior official of the housing agency filed a complaint claiming that she was punished after telling her superiors that there were legal restrictions on spending on office furniture.
Mr. Carson had no government experience until Trump appointed him to run the housing agency.
Before launching an unsuccessful presidential campaign, he became famous as a surgeon, during which he ran as a Republican.
Earlier last year, he advised the government
The subsidized housing should not be too loose, warning not to provide \"a comfortable environment for someone to want to say: \'I will stay here.
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\"Consumer habits have led to the ouster of an official, avant-garde, and public service minister Tom Price in Trump\'s Cabinet, as it is reported that he was on a taxpayer\'s plane --
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