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As a world architect, interior designer and office planner at the annual NeoCon Expo in Chicago, Austin-
Formaspace\'s office will showcase six clients
Demonstrate its unique \"co-operation\" drive project
manufacturing process.
Invite NeoCon attendees to learn directly about how they create their own unique office furniture design
Made by one of America\'s leading custom furniture companies
Meet with Formaspace office executives and engineering design team in person at Booth NeoCon 7
On June 10, 7062, 11 and 12.
Participants are also cordially invited to participate in a special \"cooperation\"
The \"creative cocktail party\" held at the booth on June 10 \"(3 – 5 pm)and June 11 (2 – 5 pm).
\"Since we launched the Formaspace Office brand at NeoCon in Chicago two years ago, it has helped our overall business grow by 60%, make Formaspace the fastest growing manufacturing in the United States, said Jeff Teke, CEO of formaspace.
\"Our strategy is simple: as a custom office hotel furniture factory manufacturer, we can build anything you can imagine --
Large or small-
Work directly with you as part of our unique 4D (
Discover, design, develop, deliver)Co-
Manufacturing process.
\"It\'s simple: no two companies are the same, no two customers are the same, and there\'s almost no physical location of the same.
That\'s why it\'s hard to use the standard off-the-
Frank Bucher of Shelf solutions EVP explains: \"Shelf solutions, you need custom solution elements for each project . \".
\"In order to get a custom solution, you need to establish a special partnership with a custom manufacturer --
That\'s why we developed 4D Co-
Create process.
It has become the key to our success, helping to make Formaspace office furniture the first choice for many of the leading Silicon Valley --based high-tech firms.
These companies understand the power of custom furniture design to the office environment and how it can help them communicate real, visually coherent brand messages.
\"What can we do for you ? \"“ asks Bucher. “By Co-
Created with Formaspace Office, you have complete control over the coherent visual design and the development of brand information throughout the Office.
You can simplify your project management workload by working with a hotel furniture factory manufacturer that provides what you want when you need it-from project management to production to professional
Installation on site.
Be sure to visit Formaspace office 7.
7062 understand our custom manufacturing capabilities directly and meet with our engineering and design team. ”Visit the Co-
NeoCon booth 7 at Formaspace Office-creative project to show
7062 on June 10-12, 2019, visitors are encouraged to visit the Formaspace office booth at the Commodity Center in Chicago 7-
7062 from June 10-20 to June 12, located on the 7th floor of the Chicago commodity market.
Architects, designers, space planners, etc. can meet the company\'s engineering and design team in person to learn more about the company\'s customized manufacturing capabilities and visit the company
The creation project being presented, including the following: zone of cooperation: when that starts work, zone of cooperation provides a dedicated space for hands-on personnel
Built in at Project and brainstorming sessions-
Whiteboards, video screens, etc.
Office Location: Fast-
Growing companies know the challenges of keeping up with the times
Change employee workspace requirements.
These mobile phones™Desks originally developed for the financial technology sector of major financial companies allow employees to take back control and \"crack\" their own layout configurations.
Outdoor Lounge: Employees today want to take their work with them wherever they go, including outdoor activities.
The outdoor lounge provides a durable working environment that can withstand external conditions while maintaining a coherent visual appearance, combining exterior and interior design elements to form a unified design.
Team Area: encourage collaboration by adding team areas to new buildings or existing office space.
Custom vintage-
The table presented by NeoCon is a major example of Formaspace Office 4D Co-
The process of creation;
It is (
And manufactured)
A large media company on the West Coast
Huddle Zone: When the meeting room is too big and too far away, it\'s time to move to Huddle Zone and have a quick conversation between colleagues.
Crowded areas with bar stools and cocktail lounges can also serve as reception areas for casual office meetings and receptions.
Leisure Area: employees who wish to walk around on weekdays will be attracted by the leisure environment that combines the best features of residential, commercial and hotel design.
The leisure area is another work area, providing opportunities for more natural interaction between employees, helping to break the \"isolated island\" of the department at work \".
Lucky NeoCon visitors can also have fun
Two-Person Day Tour to Austin, Texas
Location of Formaspace office
By posting photos of their favorite Formaspace office furniture at Booth 7
There are 7062 on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts.
You can imagine. We build it.
Formaspace Office by designing and manufacturing unique, manufactured-in-
American furniture solutions from discovery to delivery.
Learn more about our big-
Large and small meeting rooms, private office, co-size, custom manufacturing capability and our unique hotel furniture factory system
Working space, coffee shop/café, lounge, laboratory, industrial environment, K-
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Another way to maintain the professional yet engaging innovative technology in hotel furniture is by embedding new skills directly on manufacturing.
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