framed art becomes furniture

How to make tables from frame pictures this is a quick and easy weekend project that can be assembled by beginner or novice carpentry.
You will create a very useful piece of hotel furniture factory specially customized for your home©Cole.
All aspects of the design can be personalized (
Size, color, picture, glass, wood, finish)
It is the most impressive gift for a birthday or Christmas.
This piece can be used as a coffee table in the living room or bedroom or as a coffee table.
Basically you will build a slightly smaller table and print the frame on it.
One person I know is trying to do a shortcut by just sticking the legs on the picture.
I need to tell you that it doesn\'t look like hotel furniture factory and glass cakes, not because of the weight of a stack of magazines and books, but rather an act of putting it down carelessly.
The glass is 3/16 to inch thick and is not tempered.
You don\'t want the glass to bend, so a stable base is needed.
If you choose a picture mounted on a foam core without backing, consider this.
Materials and tools required: 1x4 table frame-
You can choose the 3/8 plywood base * wood for legs-
The size will depend on the size of the table structure suitable fasteners, wood screws or pins of the suitable length of the wood glue reclining box
The project requirements apply to the precise 45 degree and 90 degree cut handsaw and Carpenter Square drill and drill bit of the guide hole of the fastener diameter screwdriver (s)
Or hammer tape measure or ruler for positioning pin carpenter pencil or other marking tools wood putty and putty knife 80, 120 and 220 sandpaper appropriate stains or paint, finish, and the appropriate applicator * I used two semi-cut prefabricated stair railings in the illustration above. .
You can find a variety of regular and carved table legs in your favorite home improvement center.
If you have access to these tools, the drill will greatly speed up the construction.
The first step in assembly is to decide what frame picture to convert into a table.
The only standard that meets it needs to be protected with glass front.
This will be the actual desktop;
Obviously you will want a surface that has no holes and is easy to clean.
Oil paintings without frames can be framed by you or a professional frame store, which in my own case has become the most challenging since the self\'s brain races against possibilities.
The one I chose (above photo)
It is a print signed by a popular southwest painter.
As a gift, I already know the room color and theme of the recipient.
The second step is to measure the total perimeter of the frame to understand the number of table frames required.
You won\'t use the whole amount, but you want to waste as little as you can.
Measure and cut plywood bases that are usually the same size as glass.
You want the table base to nest firmly on pictures and glass.
Next, take the same length and width size as the base and cut the sides of the four tables.
The four sides will be exactly matched, as the cut on these pieces is tilted at 45 degrees like the cut edge of the photo frame.
With pins or screws, the cutting angle and the widest edge can be fixed together.
I use glue and two of the four countersunk screws each.
The plywood base is now attached to the table frame with glue and screws, creating a larger version of the sand to connect the sides and the plywood base, washed with 80 sandpaper.
The next step is to measure and cut the legs of the table.
The standard height of the coffee or coffee table is 24 inch.
Cut each leg 24 inch minus the thickness of the plywood base.
See these with great care, all four are vertical and the length is accurate to make sure your table is set horizontally.
If you take a little break, you can buy some small non-marring leg grader at the bottom of each leg and tag it.
The legs are held into each corner and again connected to the side and top of the device with glue/screw.
Now you will put the back of the picture at the top of the bottom of the table.
It should fit well.
If not, it\'s time to polish the sides with 120 sandpaper until it starts.
Fill the screw holes and Mitter joints with wooden putty.
A second sanding with fine 220 sandpaper will result in a smoother final finish coating.
The base part is now drawn or dyed without the picture being attached to the base.
This photo is now fixed to the table base by drilling the guide holes into the edge of the frame from the inside of the side rail, three screws for the longest sides, two on the narrow side.
Note: do not stick these two surfaces together.
At some point in the future, you may want to change a different feeling to a broken or broken glass or the whole picture;
Or you might want to hang it on the wall! That is it.
Enjoy the possibility!
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