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Safety: This manual does not intend to fully inform anyone about the use of manual tools or electric tools
Ask for help when there is any problem and use reasonable common sense when using any tool.
Proper safety equipment should always be considered necessary!
They sell safety glasses with bi. focals in them. . .
I know. I use them. . .
There is no excuse not to wear.
Hearing protection is also necessary at any time when using power tools. . .
Again, there is no reason not to wear earmuffs or ear canal foam plugs. . . or both!
Background: My background is what I\'m talking about ordinary people who like to put things together and are willing to handle any project --
In addition to the \"average\", I have been a short-term production commercial custom cabinet maker in college for nearly 3 years.
Next to my dad, Dean U\'s \"Sledgehammer principle\" team(owner), Al S. (foreman)and Tom B.
Helps instill the craft I bring to any project.
Let\'s remember that college was 30 years ago and what saddens me most about the cabinet store is how long I remember how long it would take to produce high-quality work using very expensive precision tools.
TechShop has gone a long way in reproducing this environment!
If you\'re lucky enough to live in a neighborhood, check them out.
Any project, especially any project completed in any time-
It is important to take notes and keep them in a convenient and protected place. . .
At least in my case!
For any of you who have high school chemistry and physics or similar lab classes in college --
This is basically a \"lab book\" or \"lab Log \".
Better and longer than writing on your back or arm.
I planned my project in it long before I started and took it to the wood/hardware store reference. A.
The key measurement for my project is the area at the bottom of the file and the floor height I would like to place.
Because I am worried about stability, my goal is to be less than 6 inch away from the floor. B.
Therefore, the base of the device is 36 inch wide and 19 inch deep.
I decided to be 6 inch wide in portrait and 2 times in landscape (front to back)
Fragments 4 inch wide
There is no \"project\" in this \".
When I was in the lumber mill, they had a pair of red oak trees that were 72 inch long, 1 inch thick, 6 long and 4 inch wide.
I can take out two vertical and two horizontal ones from them. C.
They also have 4 hard rubber casters (
Double each lock and non-locklocking).
The casters are only less than 3 inch high and the 2x planks will be another 2 inch so I will come in at a height of 5 inch --
Less than the maximum of 6 inch I care about.
Each caster has 4 bolt mounting holes with a diameter of 5/16. D.
I used the thickness of the caster mounting flange and 2 inch of the wood plus the thickness of the 2x flat washer, 1x lock washer and 1x nut, and then subtracted the height of one of the flat washers and the head of the transport Bolt, to make sure I can use bolt 2. 5 inches long.
This requires me to have 4 sets of 4 Bolt sets.
16x for everything: transport bolts, top flat washers, bottom lock washers and nuts. NOTE: 1.
The flat washer under the head must be one size larger for the bolt head to lie flat on it, as the lower side of the transport head has a small square handle that does not allow it to sit flush in the 5/16 flat washing machine (
Hard work in this area). 2.
I subtracted the height of the carriage bolt head and a washer so that we could compensate the bolt for entering the groove on the roof of the trolley --
The Lat file must be placed flat on the trolley, not on the carriage head bolts.
From now on, I am in the \"workshop\" of my house \". e.
The area behind the stove
Drill 32 holes (
4 at each end of 4 pieces)
For casters, the installation is the most tedious in the whole operation.
Top plate: bottom plate (Cross pieces)
: Note: A lot of very small wood \"curl\" is generated by using a drill bit \"(
Oak trees are naturally hard, which means these curls will roll up)
Under your feet and on a smooth surface (
Felt in my workshop area)
It will make it difficult to keep a good purchase between you and the floor, so I cleaned the floor after the \"end\" of each batch or 4 holes.
Note: I also chamfer both sides of each hole on all boards to eliminate minor tearing
This was created by a twist drill.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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