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When the exporter\'s wife, Vinni Kapur, was decorating her new store
She built a home in Gurgaon and she strongly believes that there will be a leather sofa in her living room.
As she says: \"It can help you achieve an elegant look.
\"Supreme Court lawyer Ajit Kumar (Ajit Kumar) wanted a chair in his court and he also voted in favor of a leather chair.
His reason is: \"When you lead a law firm, your office must show an atmosphere of authority and wealth.
A leather chair can help you do this.
\"The supporters of leather furniture in the capital are a select but growing band, and there is no good reason.
Sarina Aneja said, \"Leather is a very durable material and he runs an interior design company in the grand Kailash enclave II.
The quality leather can be used for more than 10 years, and the quality leather can be used for more than 20 years.
Second, it wears well over time.
It is softer and softer, and looks and feels better over time.
In addition, the leather is stain resistant.
It does not absorb liquid;
So it\'s not like fabric, immune to spills.
The leather also wears much slower than the fabric.
Finally, it is easy to maintain.
All you need to do is wipe it with a dry cloth every day.
You can also wipe with a damp cloth every two to three weeks.
If you are going to the capital to buy leather furniture, you \'d better go to GK-
I take StanleyBoutique.
They are experts in leather furniture only, so they have a wide range of products. (
By the way, they are leather decoration suppliers for all major car manufacturers in the country).
Other vendors of imported furniture in the capital, such as durian, Truzo, furniture, etc. , also have leather furniture.
Many interior designers and furniture manufacturers in southern Delhi also import leather and will make custom furniture for you.
At the Stanley boutique hotel, you can enjoy the main advantages of customization.
You can walk into their showroom, select a specific design and ask them to make it in any of several levels (of leather)
The color you want
They will also configure it according to the shape and size of your room.
The price of the leather sofa here starts with the rupee (
1 seat for a3 seat)
According to the quality of the leather and the design of the choice, it can reach 2 rupees.
In Truzo, located at Empire Square on m g Road, they offer leather furniture imported from Italy, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Their prices range from Rs 1 to Rs 2, 21, 000.
Furnitrewallah is also located on MG Road, providing the pureleather sofa with teakwood base in Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1. 58 lakh range.
Many of their parts are imported from the Far East.
In the parts they produce at their factory in Mumbai, they use Stanley leather (
Prices range from Rs 110 per square foot to Rs 225 per square foot).
Boutique Design of GK-
I offer traditional sofaslike Chesterfield and several Victorian-style designs.
Their boss, Chester, would be comfortable sitting in a chair.
A variant of their Chester field is embedded in the crystal of svanowski.
Stanley\'s sboutique also offers a modern design with straight lines, rectangles, steel and leather.
This technology is a modern design with a rectangular shape and the legs are made of steel.
According to Akshaya B at Stanley\'s boutique, \"This model is very popular in European offices.
\"Another ultra-modern design of their showroom is d131.
This is a Japanese design with low arms.
This is a very open design that does not take up much space.
The reclined back makes it more convenient to relax and watch TV.
First of all, decide if you want to buy modern or classic furniture.
Even in the largest showroom, this will greatly narrow your selection.
Then look at the different styles.
Once you have chosen a particular style, you have to decide which quality of leather you want.
For more formal spaces in the home, you \'d better choose quality leather, like the living room, where you\'ll have visitors.
You may be more relaxed and relaxed in the family room and TV room.
There is a greater risk of overflow here, there is more friction around, so wear and tear is faster, so you should choose a stronger, basic leather quality for this space.
For the office, more use and less furniture than at home.
Therefore, choose tough quality leather that is easy to clean.
Next, choose the color for your sofa set.
This will depend on internal instructions.
Colors of walls, floors, curtains, paintings, etc-
You are buying space for the sofa.
If you carry the floor plan of the room with you, the sales staff of the showroom can suggest your size and configuration (
3 2 1 or 3 1, etc)
Space for you.
Finally, take the time to make the cake.
After all, this is an option that you have to live for at least 15 to 20 years.
You may need to return to the showroom twice or three times.
Have an in-depth consultation with the sales manager there.
If you have an internal designer, he/she can help you make the right choice.
Involve your spouse and family in the purchase decision as well as they will have to live on the couch as well.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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