home decorating with tropical furniture

Tropical furniture is one of the most fashionable things in home decoration today.
Continue to read some tips on how to use it to decorate your home.
The tropical style of home decoration is dominated by traditional themes, dotted with fresh mood.
This home decoration means creating a minimalist look in lush shades.
It includes mixing complex patterns and a lot of textures with some large accessories and simple detail patterns and colors©The theme of Cor is rattan furniture, Grass
Cloth, leather, palm trees, animal print, monkey, tropical fish, Shell, wide
Banana with leaves.
Neutral colors such as light yellow, Mellow Gold, dark brown, brown, camel skin tones, beige and ivory create a tropical atmosphere.
In addition, Green goes from olive green to jade green to bottle green to blue green to yellow green.
Use dark red, black and Mahogany Brown to create an accent.
This tropical decor theme is not only available in the family room and living room, but also in the bathroom and even in the main suite.
One of the basic elements in a room decorated with tropical furniture©Comfortable furnished furniture is a cor theme.
The long team in the horizontal direction emphasizes the atmosphere of leisure and increases the quiet environment.
If you want to bring your baby©Cor plans to use higher elements such as screens, artwork, or plants on a grand scale.
made of light wood is perfect for tropical style, but only if they are combined with lights and dark tables.
Rattan, wrought iron, bamboo and Wicker are also necessary.
In fact, rattan furniture and dark wood are a good combination for tropical style furniture.
Rattan furniture is made of tropical trees, so it looks natural.
Tropical trees grow in the jungles of South India and Sri Lanka.
It can be used as a decoration beside the writing desk or as a tropical computer cabinet.
It is durable and flexible with wrapped knot joints.
Wicker furniture is also an integral part of the tropical region. ©Cole.
Wicker furniture is made of vines or grass.
Bamboo is a dense grass grown in a tropical forest and used to make furniture.
All of these natural materials are woven or made into sofas, chairs, tables, sofas or non-backrest sofas, cabinets and a variety of other key products.
Not only are they beautiful, but they are light, durable, easy to maintain, and eco-friendlyfriendly.
Rattan, wicker, bamboo furniture and featured furniture can be combined with furniture made of tropical wood such as teak, mahogany and Ebony.
Exotic hard wood like koa and Rosewood also make very beautiful tropical furniture.
made of this wood gets extra tropical tones by carving patterns such as palm leaves, tropical flowers, trees and pineapples.
The fabric for interior decoration should be a snow cover of neutral color or any other natural fabric such as Haidi, rough cloth cotton made in India, and even raw silk, especially the main furniture.
Although chairs and foot mats can be decorated with green leaf patterns and jungle patterns.
Accessories, because you will use the large leaf dish print and animal print quite widely, it is better not to overuse the accessories when using the tropical pattern©Cole at your house.
However, here are some accessories you can use: Wicker vases with artificial tropical floral tapestries, table lights with palm leaves, flowers, or palm tree styles (
Artificial or real.
Or other tropical plants, indigenous art and cultural relics (
Antique tables, drawers, etc)
Shell, scarf or picture of tropical trees, animals, or wooden or bamboo screen pillow with landscape decoration, shower curtain with palm leaf or flower pattern, for furniture of tropical garden with jute carpet in bathroom, you can have tropical areas both inside and outside.
You will find a lot of tropical garden furniture, made of moravir wood, bamboo, wicker, rattan and wrought iron.
Hard wood is stylish and can withstand all kinds of elements.
Find bamboo chairs, bars, lounge chairs and terraces.
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