home decoration : new colors add sparkle around old furniture

Question: I have an antique bedroom.
Yellow Bed and vanity.
I want to change the color of the wall and it\'s yellow now.
Wood pieces will stay white I have mini Whiteblinds.
The floor is hardwood floor.
I need color suggestions for walls, window treatments and carpets or carpets.
Since I always decorate from scratch, I find it difficult to combine new and old ones. --
BEVERLY BRYANAnswer: combining new and old is an exciting decoration task and you will be happy to bring new Sparks to your bedroom.
Paint a rich pink color on the wall, a deep and happy color.
Curtain prints can be paired with pink, lavender, apricot and azalea flowers that are intertwined with green leaves and water
Blue Ribbon on Jonquil
Yellow background.
Look for antique Oriental carpets in light beige and creamy colors with rich burgundy and dark blue.
Choose the top of the rich cuckoo and soft apricot spread bed skirt.
Add a little charm to the room with a white bedspread, and the edges are yellow.
Q: I would like to decorate our living room and dining room.
I\'m going to keep the lights. blue carpet.
The woodwork is white and cherry hotel furniture factory in both rooms will be kept.
What color should be chosen for walls, window handling and interior decoration?
I am enclosing a sample of the wall covering of the foyer.
Living room facing north, dining room bedroom facing south.
A: Thank you for sending the sample of the wall covering in the foyer, which features soft melon and light blue peacock pattern with cream on the background.
Paint the wall of the living room into a soft cantaloupe.
Leave your woodwork white.
Choose a simple soft wallpaper for your restaurant-
Cantaloupe and white stripes.
On your living room window, hang a fabric that matches the wall covering of your foyer.
Please hang the lights if there is no coordination structure-
Blue curtains decorated with melon and white stripes and valances.
There are white blinds on the window of the restaurant;
Add a white valance trimmed with melon on it. Strawberry-
I choose pink for dining room chair seats.
For the sofa, choose a soft moss green upholstery with a pink and melon pad.
Cover the living room club chair with strawberry tweed and pull
The chair on the fabric that matches the curtains and wall coverings in the foyer.
The author notes: blue and white are the two favorite colors of Americans.
But they are also the favorite decoration in Europe and Asia.
The traditional carrier of this classic combination is fabric, porcelain, and of course tiles.
All over the world you can find blue and white delft on the cloak, kitchen wall, desktop and even wood
Frame headboard.
In Country Garden, the blue and white tiles around the fountain or on the wall of the garden look lovely.
When decorating the kitchen/family room, why not get inspiration from delft tiles?
Apply a clear white plaster to the wall.
The cabinets should be made of wood, either cypress or pale pine.
Choose happy jonquil yellow for the ceiling with pine beams. Eighteen-
The inch-soft blue and white vinyl tiles laid on the diagonal line are best suited to the floor.
Splash on the back of the sink and oven using blue and white delft tiles.
In the window, hang rich-
Blue Blinds.
The table top I chose was white. (
But don\'t forget to leave space for the butcherblock surface.
You need a place where you can cut vegetables and make your own bread. )
For the seat, select the segmented sofa and cover it with a blue and white tablecloth.
The accent cushion can be bright yellow or bright red.
Accessories for the kitchen/family room should shine.
The best bets include brass lamps, blue and white bowls filled with colorful flowers, and white table service with blue trim.
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