houston businessman turns furniture stores into shelters ...

A Houston businessman selflessly opened two furniture stores for homeless people displaced by Hurricane Harvey.
Jim McIngvale, known locally as mattress Mike, made a call on social media after seeing the damage caused by tropical storms and floods to his city.
He now has about 400 people in his two gallery furniture stores, serving them three meals a day.
The businessman told NBC: \"My idea when the hurricane hit here for the first time was that it would be a-day event.
I started working the next day and I saw the destruction of the whole area and decided that if we open this 100,000-square-
Foot hotel furniture factory store as a shelter.
\"We have another hotel furniture factory store in west Houston, so we opened both as shelters.
Now we have about 400 people living in these two furniture stores trying to get back up.
\"Initially, the volunteers used the store\'s furniture truck to drive around Houston and pick up people who needed shelter.
However, the two stores were quickly packed.
A hurricane that hit Texas on Friday night has killed 18 people.
The subsequent floods displaced thousands of people in the Houston area, and authorities had to rescue about 13,000 people from the rising waters.
Mr. McIngvale described some heartbreaking encounters between him and those who fled the water.
He said: \"The little girl came in at about 1: 30 last night.
She is 7 years old, her parents are with her, I think it may be her uncle.
She is the only English speaker in the group.
\"She cried.
Did you allow us to stay here, she said?
It broke my heart because it was too personal for them.
Unlike adults, she can\'t hide her feelings.
It\'s just one of those bitter moments that you never thought would break your heart.
\"So these things happen to so many people.
One of them canceled flood insurance because they couldn\'t afford flood insurance two weeks ago, and then they had 5 feet of the water in their house.
\"A lot of personal stories about heartbreak, and a lot of personal stories about people getting back up and back into battle.
\"The behavior of the owner of the hotel furniture factory store happened after 16,000 --
The Christian Lakewood Church in Houston has been criticized for not wanting to open its doors to displaced people.
This is not the first time Mr McIngvale has received attention for his charity.
He provided similar assistance to families who came to Houston after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans in 2005.
He is also known for tsunami relief and fund-raising at local food banks.
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