how to buy vintage furniture online

It can be scary to buy things that are invisible, especially if you are like me and need to see things in person.
Some may say I\'m picky, but I prefer to be described as a concern for detail.
The details of vintage furniture usually find the beauty and quality of the building and you can\'t always see them in the photos.
But sometimes you need to take a step of faith when you find the perfect vintage work.
Don\'t know where to start?
Check out my favorite online antique retailer.
Tastcallieri has just seized a major opportunity to buy a dresser for my bedroom design at Etsy (
Please look forward to disclosure! ).
I was ecstatic about this.
It was almost perfect, but I was very nervous by clicking the buy button.
Before buying vintage furniture online, I have a list of things to consider and questions to ask, so be sure to rule out a lot of questions before you make a big purchase.
The key here is to figure out the quality and condition so you know what will happen if you get a good deal. 1. Does it smell?
This is my first and most important question.
The home has vintage furniture, creating a unique space for layering, but a home that smells like vintage furniture is completely unattractive.
So be careful when buying vintage furniture online.
It\'s hard to smell some smell from vintage furniture, it\'s not impossible, it\'s time consuming, expensive or both.
Ask the seller if the goods smell?
Sellers are usually very honest with their answers.
Let them know that you will use it to store clothes or towels and will not let your things absorb any smell. 2.
Is the hardware original?
When purchasing boxes (
Wooden items like vanity or case)
Ask the seller if the drawer and hardware are original. Well-
Vintage hardware is usually made with a certain weight.
You don\'t want to pull a cheap copy knob when you open the drawer, especially if you pay the highest amount for this thing. 3.
Can the drawer work?
The drawer may be open or closed, but if it doesn\'t get in and out smoothly, chances are you won\'t use it every day.
If the drawer slides smoothly or sticks anywhere, ask the seller how the drawer works. 4.
Is it solid wood?
The term solid wood is sometimes used a little loosely.
Technically, solid wood refers to a piece of wood, not plywood.
Ask what type of wood is made of the exterior, interior and back.
Even in drawers, parts that combine particle plates together are not as good as parts that use solid wood, often representing parts in the middle
Twenty Centuries or later
You may still want to buy it, but you want to make sure you get what you pay. 5.
Does the joint fit?
When you see photos of the interior, you can usually determine the quality of vintage furniture.
The fitting joint is a good sign of quality, while the drawer that is only nailed together or nailed together is of low quality.
Also, a photo of the drawer and inside will tell you if a dress is dirty or disgusting. 6.
Don\'t be afraid that veneer veneers will be affected badly because there are cheap Fumika covered furniture in the middle
Twenty Century
But really, there\'s a lot of amazing, high
Quality parts using wood veneers.
Wood skins have been used for centuries to complete a work with very beautiful, expensive wood.
Thin planks layered on less expensive solid wood bases ---
When buying this furniture, just look for pieces and peel off the veneer. 7.
Expensive shipping!
Shipping furniture is expensive, but it is almost always necessary to buy vintage furniture online (
Unless you live near the seller).
I just spent $260 to ship my dresser from Chicago to San Francisco, which is considered a good deal.
Ask the seller in advance about shipping as there are many options.
They may set it up for you or you can set it up yourself.
A good place to move large pieces of furniture is Uship, the movers bid for your business.
Consider the shipping price in your total cost.
You don\'t want to price yourself on the resale market (
You hate it in case it comes). 8.
If it\'s really cheap, it can be cheap in general, which is a good rule.
Sellers usually price vintage furniture based on conditions and quality.
When buying vintage furniture online, it may be true if it looks too good.
Do your homework and ask your questions before you start doing something cheap. 9.
Buy something unique and don\'t buy standard vintage furniture online that you can see everywhere.
You can buy these items in person at a local flea market or antique shop.
Instead, buy vintage furniture that you have never seen before or can\'t find in your local store.
Sometimes you can only act intuitively.
Although it looks terrible, you can get some great deals and amazing work if you are willing to take a chance.
Have you ever purchased vintage furniture online?
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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