how to clean your patio furniture

Keeping the terrace and deck clean as well as a variety of decorations can be a challenge.
Have you tried wiping the glass table?
This is a seemingly futile exercise.
As soon as you wipe it, it dries and the stripes appear.
You wipe it again, it dries, and the dirty stripes increase.
Other outdoor supplies face the same challenge.
After all, you fight Mother Nature here!
Here are the dirty little secrets to master the art of cleaning courtyard furniture: mats.
Most mats have synthetic coverings and polyester fillers designed to withstand these elements.
Whenever the mat starts to look dusty or dirty, the hose drops them down.
For uniform wear and sunlight, turn them often.
Avoid applying sunscreen on it; if you (or the kids)do, rinse it -
There are other leaks.
Leave immediatelyTo deep-
Cleaning, using a spray enzyme cleaner (
For more information on the type of cleaner, see cleaning products: definition)
In a stubborn place
Leave the mat in the sun until it is completely dry. Terrace furniture.
The problem with the \"outdoor living room\" is that they are much dirtier than the indoor living room. Fortunately (Or maybe wise)
, Terrace furniture is built to prevent abuseand soil.
If your furniture is near the pool or spa, hose once a week as chlorine damages most finishes.
Let\'s introduce the most common outdoor hotel furniture factory materials: aluminum.
Wash in a bucket of water with a gentle liquid detergent; rinse and dry.
Apply car wax every six months. Resin.
This substance does not require much attention.
Wash it with a mild soap solution, drop it off the hose and dry the towel.
Avoid products that use ammonia, but use a diluted bleach solution for stains.
Polish the resin furniture with car wax if needed. Teak.
Teak is a popular choice for outdoor hotel furniture factory as it is in good weather.
Resist the urge to use teak oil on outdoor hotel furniture factory as it acts as a dust magnet.
Clean with a gentle soap solution and a soft sponge on the brush. Rinse well.
Keep the teak furniture in the sun as damp can cause mildew. Vinyl.
Wash with warm soapy water.
Do not use bleach
It can damage the finish and make the porous material color, fade and weaken faster. Wood.
Clean with mild detergent and scrub the brush at least once a year.
If possible, store indoors in winter. Wrought iron.
Wash with soapy water;
Rinse and dry the towel.
Wax or shine twice a year.
Touch any rust immediately.
In winter, either bring the interior or the lid. Tabletops.
The trick to cleaning the desktop is to open the desktop (
Please be very careful if you are working on the glass)
, Host it first.
Then wipe clean with a sponge soaked in soapy water.
The hose is dry again.
If you can\'t flip the side, move the chair and hose back from a traditional angle (
But it may take several attempts! ).
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