how to customize an ikea alex (or any other furniture!)

I like the design of Ikea Alex.
This is the perfect furniture to tidy up all your tools.
When I bought Ikea Alex in 2009, it was only white.
Imagine that I was annoyed when I just found out today that in now is black!
Alas, I still decided to create this structure because this method can be used with multiple colors (
Like blue and green, I want to do the next step on the shelf in the classroom. . . )
This project details how to change the color of a piece of furniture (
In this case, Ikea alex)
Painting with plastic and how to re-process the front of the drawer using scrapbooking paper.
This project can be easily modified and applied to different types of furniture.
In my case, I just re-surface the front of the drawer with scrapbook paper, but you can re-surface the top, side, and even the whole surface if you want.
I originally showed this project on my blog.
Materials Ikea Alex (≈$130* )
Or other furniture items of your choice, 8 ounces of 2 Plaid Mod Podge hard coats (
$6 per piece, $12 in total)
You can choose Krylon Fusion with 3 cans of color plastic-
I use black satin (
$5 per piece, $15 in total)Dropcloth (≈$1)Drawer Liner (≈$10)
Scrapbook of your choice (≈$3)
Excluding the total cost of furniture about $41 total cost of Ikea furniture about $171 tool scissors brush razor blade cutting pad (
It\'s as simple as a piece of cardboard! )
Old gift card, store discount card or something like that. The first step in this project is color conversion.
I used Krylon Fusion (
Painting of plastic)
Because the container specifies that it can be used for \"wood, metal, wicker, wrought iron, plastic, hard vinyl, glass, plaster, ceramics, paper and paper \".
I would like it to cover anything on this laundry list.
Ikea Alex is a combination of crushed board, melamine, foil and acrylic, so I want to make sure that the paint I choose will stick together.
The good thing about changing the Ikea Alex color is that it\'s taken apart-which makes it easier to reach all the areas that need painting.
If I can\'t see an area after assembly, I don\'t have to worry about drawing it.
I don\'t have a yard so I sprayed paint on my back porch.
Be sure to drop the cloth!
Finally, I ended up using plastic garbage bags cut into slices because I ran out of cheap plastic drops \"cloth\" I bought at the local dollar store \".
It works too! WARNING!
If you have excess paint on your rag, it will rub on your clothes.
It\'s just common sense, but I accidentally did it more than once.
In addition, be sure to paint in a well ventilated area.
Did you read all the instructions first?
I didn\'t, I learned the hard way the paint I used took 7 days to completely \"heal.
To be honest, I only waited about a day and a half before I assembled Ikea Alex.
At the same time, I had these pieces in my half bathroom.
Before you draw, there is a place where your furniture can be fully placed.
Oh how I wish I had a garage!
At first I was cautious about using spray paint, but I found that the coverage was very uniform and applied very quickly.
Only 15 minutes later, the pieces went dry-
Even in hot summer.
I only have two questions about painting.
First, it can be chip before it is completely hardened.
Second, it takes a week for Harden to complete (
This goes back to reading the instructions first! ).
For the next few steps, you will need all the tools outlined in the material steps (
Scissors for cutting scrapbook paper, brushes for applying mod podge, razorblade cutters for precise cutting, plastic cards and cutting pads). 1.
Cut the paper into size.
Almost all edges are hung up so that it is easier to cut off later. 2.
Apply a very thin coating on the back of the paper with a brush. 3.
With a plastic card, push out all the bubbles from under the paper.
It is important to do this process immediately, otherwise the paint will start to dry and the bubbles will not be removed. 4. Repeat steps 1-
All drawers are available on the front. 5.
Cut off excess paper from the front of all drawers with a razor or something like that.
Apply the hard coat mod podge several times at the top of the scrapbook.
The more coats you make, the more durable the front of the drawer will be.
Since this will be the choice of tools, I made sure to wear the edges well.
I\'m a little crazy, actually outside of my Ikea alex.
It may be too much, but I\'m paranoid that the paint will fall off.
It was made in a small place and I didn\'t know where it came from, so I went to town.
I made 5 coats on my project.
Let\'s do it again!
I had the mod podge dry for about 10 hours but it is recommended to be at least 24 hours.
If you use disassembled furniture like I did, now is the time to assemble the furniture!
It\'s exciting to look together.
Since this Ikea Alex is destined to be a tool organizer, padding is placed in each drawer to minimize sliding.
I cut each piece neatly with scissors.
The non-slip drawer liner creates the perfect environment for all my tools.
Well, probably not quite \"mine\" because they were mostly my husband\'s tools in the first place, but he shared: 0)-
I use them as much as I do.
This Ikea Alex is now perfect for the decor of my home office.
Please feel free to adjust these steps to suit your needs.
I was excited to see what kind of furniture you did redecorate using the process, so send me your photos!
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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