How to Kill Woodworms in Antique Furniture

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Many homeowners choose to decorate their houses with antique furniture, giving a retro feel.
Some homeowners only add one or two pieces of antique furniture as the focus, bringing a lot of lines or interest to the room.
Searching for vintage furniture is often considered a treasure hunt, with decorators taking pains to look for yard sales, flea markets and antique shops, as well as raiding the attic of grandma or Aunt Suzy.
What are the wooden worms and where do they come from? Buy or find the perfect antique table, sideboard or chair from yard sale, flea market or real estate sale, there may be unwanted guests
The Woodworm is the larvae of the beetle. it is not really a wi worm.
The home of the woodworm boar is deep in the wood of the furniture, not limited to antique wood or antique furniture.
Woodworms will go where they can hide, where there is a lot of food, and it may be furniture that you have found new.
With the growth of the larvae of the wood worm, they should soon leave the small area inside the wood.
The woodworms began to drill out of the woods.
When they left the furniture, they left a small round hole in the furniture, the first sign of the wood worm on your beautiful table.
Unfortunately, as their population grows, they will try to find new places of life and they will not just stay in one piece of furniture.
The new living space can be other furniture in the home, wood cabinets, doors, decorative shapes, and even Wall nails and ceiling beams.
They are not special and they will look for other wooden houses.
Normally, wood worms are not dangerous for people, but they can pose a risk to the health and structural integrity of your home, especially if your wall post or ceiling pallet is infected on a large scale.
Another danger they bring is that they will weaken the wooden furniture to the point of breaking, which can be dangerous for people sitting in a chair.
Before you take Grandma\'s awesome Chinese closet or Aunt Susie\'s wooden fireplace mantel home, or the incredible deals you get from flea markets or yard auctions, check before bringing wood into your house.
Even if it looks and looks safe, it is still possible for your furniture and other wood products to be infected.
Always pay close attention to the classic logo of the wood worm-small holes on the surface of the wood.
If you have noticed the tip exit hole-do not take the risk of treating the furniture to kill the woodworm, save your other items as soon as possible from damage and possible intrusion.
Treat and kill a large tarp or drip cloth at least 10 to 20 feet away from your home.
Do not place furniture near other furniture, cabinets, doors, shapes or wooden structures that may be infested with wood worms.
In other words, do not keep the affected furniture close to any source of wood at or around the home.
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Place the infected chair, table, model or any wooden item on a tarp or drip cloth.
If it may rain, cover the furniture with a plastic tarp to prevent it from getting wet and possibly destroy the wood more than the wood worm.
Purchase ready-to-eat pesticides or powder pesticides specifically for the treatment and killing of wood worms, or for the treatment of termite.
Mix pesticides and water together if required in the manufacturer\'s instructions--
If it is not the type to be used.
Preparations for the use of pesticides may appear in spray-type bottles.
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Wear safety goggles, dust shields and work gloves.
Wear old clothes or disposable jumpsuit.
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If the wood worm killer enters the spray bottle as an item to be used, please spray all the surfaces of the furniture to the fullest.
Turn the furniture upside down and aim the woodworking treatment at cracks, cracks and furniture joints on each side.
If woodworm treatment is the type that must be mixed, please apply a thick coating on all surfaces with a brush.
In order for the furniture to be effective, the furniture needs to be thoroughly coated with pesticides.
Too light coating may make them dig deeper in the wood and go out again.
Let the wooden furniture stay outdoors for at least 24 hours before bringing it back to the house.
Many people who kill forest worms may suggest less than 24 hours, but safety is always better than sorry.
Before bringing home an antique or antique piece of furniture, please thoroughly check if there are any signs of wood worms.
Turn over all the furniture around and pour it over.
Look carefully at the legs, open the drawer and remove it.
Look at the furniture in strong daylight.
Make a real inspection of the furniture with a magnifying glass.
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If you are in a dark place, bring a spotlight or a glare flashlight with you when you check the furniture.
If you have furniture in your home, there are wood worms everywhere, and apply pesticides to other furniture nearby.
Fix wood worm damage if wood worm damage is annoying fill holes with matching colored wood putty or wood paste.
If the color of the wood is difficult to match due to age, you can make the wood putty yourself-reverse the furniture and enter an invisible area. Wrap 320-
Sand the unfinished wood around the grinding block to produce sawdust dust.
Collect the dust on the saw with a small plastic cup.
Slowly add the wood glue to the saw dust, and stir continuously with a small wood mixer (such as an ice stick or tongue pressing board) until the consistency similar to the paste is reached.
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Press the mixture into a small hole and immediately wipe the excess with a wet rag.
Let the glue dry and repair the tiny patch with a matching cover liquid or marked scratch.
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