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Teak is the preferred wood for many individual and outdoor teak furniture manufacturers, because of its high natural grease content, it is able to resist weather, water, the Sun and other outdoor elements that can rot and destroy other wood species.
Teak is a tightly textured hard wood that can also resist warping and insects, and has been used for hundreds of years in vessel manufacturing due to its durability.
Combining the above factors, plus it is also a beautiful wood that needs little or no maintenance at all, it is easy to understand why it is the first choice.
The range of caring teak patio furniture ranges from doing nothing to letting the sun naturally age Wood to silver gray to where you live every 6 to 12 months depending on environmental conditions
This article will take you through the steps of cleaning and handling teak to keep it golden.
However, keep in mind that even though the treated teak is treated and sealed, it turns silver gray from the UV rays of the Sun, unless it is done on a regular basis.
Many products today contain pigments, UV interceptors or absorbers, mildew-proof agents and moisture protection that can be sealed and protected in one step.
I would recommend going to a local marine store as teak is used on board and they can be a good source of information for teak sealers.
As mentioned above, teak is a beautiful wood that will look great over the years after proper care.
You will need teak sealer, Scottish Brite pad or brass hair, teak clear coating, liquid Ivory soap or other mild neutral ph detergent, sponge, soft brush, soft cloth, nylon during cleaning and sealing process in, polyester or foam paint brush, 320 sandpaper, drop cloth to protect the area under the furniture, chlorine bleach or ammonia with water or mildew products if mildew spots persist (such as Tilex or X-14.
Do not mix bleach with ammonia.
Step 1 if you are sealing the new teak, I suggest you let it sit in the sun for a week or so and open the wood grain.
At this point, cleaning with a gentle detergent and sponge should be all needed before applying teak sealant.
Let the wood dry completely, usually overnight.
Step 2 brush on the teak seal with a paint brush or spray.
Then wipe the sealant in with a soft cloth.
Be sure to apply a layer between all areas of the furniture, including the top, bottom, side and all slats.
Before putting on the second coat, let the first coat dry completely.
Areas such as the table top that are easily stained by food, drinks or other items that can penetrate the sealer should be sealed with teak clear coating.
Keep in mind that there is natural oil on the surface of the teak, which can result in varnish, polyurethane and water sealing, debris and stripping.
Therefore, the \"teak\" transparent coating is always used.
Step 3 if your teak terrace furniture has begun to turn silver
Gray, you want to restore it to the original golden or honey color, you have to clean the wood first before applying the teak sealant.
Follow the steps of the first step above to start cleaning the wood.
If there is mildew, try cleaning with a soft brush and liquid Ivory soap.
Chlorine bleach or ammonia with water or mildew products (such as Tilex or X-) If mildew spots persist-14 can be used.
Whenever the wood is cleaned using bleach or ammonia, it is always rinsed quickly with a large amount of water to avoid the wood becoming white.
Do not mix bleach with ammonia.
There are also two parts of teak cleaners that use caustic sodium and acid to produce excellent results.
Step 4 after cleaning, let the wood dry completely.
Gently polish the wood surface with 320 sandpaper.
Remember to always sprinkle sand in the direction of wood grain.
Clean any sanding dust using a clean dry cloth.
The wood is now ready to re-seal.
Follow the second step above and you can enjoy your furniture again.
The range of caring teak patio furniture ranges from doing nothing to letting the sun naturally age Wood to silver gray to where you live every 6 to 12 months depending on environmental conditions
See if your teak furniture needs to be re-tested tips and warnings
Seal and simply spray water gently onto the surface.
If the water bead is up then the wood does not need to be resealed.
Do not clean the teak using steel wool, as the fibers left will cause the wood to rust.
Do not use harsh detergent or pressure cleaning to clean the teak furniture because it will damage the wood.
Safety glasses are recommended when using tools or chemicals.
Wearing masks and gloves is also recommended when using certain types of wood cleaners.
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