how to refinish pressed wood furniture

Pressed wood hotel furniture factory is made of wood grain board, so that it has the appearance of solid wood.
Because pressed wood furniture does not accept stains well, you should repair it with enamel.
Unfortunately, the wood is ill.
Suitable for bonding, painting will be rejected unless treated with primer in advance.
Choose the right primer type, otherwise there will eventually be rampant peeling, use the right application tool, or you will see the brush strokes in the finish coating.
Press wood furniture with 220-Polish
Until the surface looks dull.
Sand with wood grain.
Wipe the pressed wood with tape.
Put the pressed wooden furniture on the heavy furniture
Drop cloth.
Cover any part of the furniture you want to unfinished with the painter\'s tape.
Apply a layer of oil to the pressed wooden furniture
Based on primer, use natural
Brush vertically and apply gentle pressure.
Watch the runs carefully and smooth them while running.
Wait two hours-
Dry primer.
Clean nature-
Brush with mineral spirits.
Paint acrylic enamel on pressed wooden hotel furniture factory with a polyester brush.
Just like you paint the hotel furniture factory.
Wait four hours before using the furniture.
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