how to restore and repaint rusty metal patio furniture

The restored New painted metal hotel furniture factory immediately brings a new look and new appeal to your patio.
Repairing and painting your old metal patio furniture seems to be a difficult project, especially if your furniture is rust, weathering and highly ornate like wrought iron metal.
However, due to the latest developments in painting technology, it may be easier to repair old metal furniture now than you think, or even as a weekend project.
There is no need to throw away your old furniture and replace it with expensive new furniture.
This article explains what rust is and how to deal with it, restore and repaint your metal patio furniture in a step-by-step guide.
You will be impressed with the project this weekend. 1.
First of all, let\'s deal with the problem of rust.
Most metal furniture will eventually rust, especially outside furniture, such as furniture on a terrace, garden or balcony.
Exposed to the sun and rain, faded paint will make the metal terrace furniture look tired.
If it contains a small amount of iron, the metal is oxidized when exposed to air and moisture.
Rust can easily be terrain and reduce the appearance of your outdoor furniture.
Oxidation on steel is easy to find.
It is identified with a tendency to fall off of red brown and powder or flakes.
Rust creates hard bubbles under paint, which eventually erupt into damage to the corrosion metal until the metal breaks.
If your metal furniture is rusted, it is best to deal with it as soon as possible. 2.
The first step in preparing your metal furniture is to clean up the rust as much as possible.
Start brushing along the surface of the metal furniture with a large line. Brush hard.
Don\'t worry, it won\'t hurt good steel under old paint, but it will remove loose flakes of old paint and rust.
Try to remove paint or rust that has already started to fall off the metal surface.
This will give you a smoother surface to re-paint.
You will see a lot of scratches on the paint, however, the new metallic paint will hide a lot of defects. Use a smaller (like one-inch-long head)
There is a stainless steel wire brush at the tight point.
Use a small file, even Dremel, in a very tight place, if needed.
You can purchase a wide variety of brushes and files from your favorite hardware store.
The above steps are to manually remove rust and old paint from metal furniture.
If you choose to use the rust remover product, then use the appropriate safety equipment and precautions.
These products rely on some form of acid to do the job, and most of them are highly toxic.
Wear safety glasses and breathing masks.
This protects your eyes and mouth from nasty smoke.
Also wear protective clothing and gloves.
Make sure you have enough ventilation.
Always follow the instructions and precautions on the label very carefully.
Choose the most convenient way to remove rust for you.
To clean the dust, debris and the rest of the grind, use the old paint brush to brush off the surface of the metal furniture.
Wash with a cloth soaked in water and a small amount of liquid detergent mixture, but do not let the metal get too wet.
Dry immediately with a clean and dry rag.
In order for the primer and paint to adhere well, the metal surface must be completely cleaned. 3.
Protective metal uses a primer and paint specially made for outdoor metal.
This heavy duty paint is waterproof and has a design life of up to several years. Oil-
Primer with rust
The best suppression work.
Make sure there is the word \"anti rust agent\" on the paint container and ask the seller if you have questions.
A primer is designed to combine with metal to prevent moisture from entering and re-entering
Rust, it reacts with rust, forms iron oxide, encapsulates and significantly delays corrosion growth.
Place the furniture on the sheets of the old newspaper to protect the working surface.
Place the newspaper layer by layer, up to 3 layers, each layer of tape on the working surface.
This is extra protection if the paint spills.
Shake the paint spray tank vigorously and start spraying and hold about 6 inch of the tank from the surface of the furniture.
Identify hard first-to-
Reach the area and spray a small amount of paint on it.
This will ensure that all surfaces covered by the paint are not left out with any \"hidden\" areas.
Work down from the top of your furniture.
This will prevent any accumulation of paint dripping. 4.
Once the primer is completely dry, your furniture can be painted in the desired paint color.
Apply a few thin layers of paint instead of impatiently spraying a thick layer of paint.
Make sure each layer is completely dry before entering the next paint.
According to the instructions on the paint container, the length of time between the paint coatings or their effectiveness may be greatly reduced.
Applying extra paint before the first paint dries can cause problems such as blistering, cracking and wrinkle on the paint surface.
can be painted with paint or brush.
When it comes to cast iron or wrought iron metal, the thicker the paint you put on the terrace furniture, the better.
So, while the spray is easier, the spray lasts longer if you brush your teeth.
Apply the paint to your metal patio furniture using a solid brush from the hardware store.
A small brush works well on gorgeous metal products.
As your recovery project is completed, it\'s time to sit down and enjoy the feeling of fullness.
Doing the right job is definitely worth doing, especially if it helps to change the eyes --
The new look of the metal courtyard furniture is appreciated.
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