how to wrap furniture for moving and storage

Whether you\'re hiring a professional movers or doing it yourself, it\'s good to know how to pack the furniture and what to expect.We sell moving supplies and often hear questions like this :-How many active blankets do I need?Which moving blanket should I use, how do I wrap my furniture?The way the hotel furniture factory is packaged to move depends on the details of your move.Is it an interstate move, a nationwide move, or a local move around the block?Loading pods or international containers or transferring to long-term storage?If you are ready to move and are concerned about the safe handling of household items, this series of articles will detail how to pack furniture for any large or small move.
People sometimes underestimate the amount of packaging needed to move jobs, but it is important to properly pack your personal belongings.I have been in the moving industry for more than 20 years. as a foreman and driver, I personally moved hundreds of families, and then as the owner of the moving company, I moved thousands of families, local mobile and interstate mobile.
I am teaching my movers the best and most effective way to handle and package the furniture, packing with blankets, packing, you can say that.Movers.Contrary to some of the statements I have encountered in other articles, the moving company does care about your goods, in most cases the foreman is personally responsible for paying your losses, and the movers know, they are unlikely to get any hints if something is broken.At the same time, the movers do not have any emotional attachment to your belongings and regard the items that are precious to you as anything else.
Their main goal is to ensure that the goods are not damaged and easy to load.Therefore, it is important for the foreman (mobile captain) to take special care of which projects are needed.Don\'t expect the moving company to see your household goods as you see them.
The movers have no time at all to consider how delicate each item may be.For example, a bottle with exotic sand, layered by color, or even a special design, would be ruined if simply placed on its side.The movers will make sure that the packaging bottles are safe, but they may not realize that the sand layers in the bottles are not fixed and may be mixed into ugly confusion due to the vibration of the truck.
It is true that most of the damage occurs during handling, loading and unloading, but if the movers (or yourself) do not load the truck properly, some items are damaged during transportation.If you have valuable furniture to moveDon\'t look for a cheap moving company. find a good one.Moving companies that are inexperienced or have a bad reputation for moving companies compete in price, not professionally.
Good movers should be paid well.
As the saying goes ~You get what you give.Handling packing supplies.There are a variety of packaging items to choose from: bubble sleeves, flat panel battery packaging kits, foam peanuts, bubble craft, etc.We didn\'t try to cover 100% of the packaging supplies, but only the most popular ones used by the movers, which you can and should find on the mobile truck: blankets, boxes, paper, foam packaging and shrink packaging, plastic cover.
With this set of supplies you can pack and move any type of furniture, porcelain or artwork.Carry the blanket.Moving blankets are \"trade tools\" for moving workers \".If you move locally and hire a professional moving company, you should expect them to show up with a blanket and you should not charge for it.
But if you\'re going to move long distances (interstate) or to the warehouse, it might be a good idea to buy your own mobile blanket.There are two main types of mobile blankets: quilting or padded Mobile blankets and non-Quilting, also known as skin or space protection.Each has its purpose.Quilting moving blankets usually have a size of 72x80 inch and vary depending on the number of outer fabrics and fillers, the heavier the blankets, the more documents, and the more protection they provide.
Cheap active blankets are made of non-woven outer fabric and very light padding.These blankets can be very good if you are going to put your stuff in long-term storage or small movement.The economic activity blanket provides adequate protection and does not have much space in the storage room.
For interstate long-distance or interstate transportation, the advantage of interstate transportation is that these blankets are much lighter than those of ordinary transportation.Suitable for heavy solid wood furniture, leather sofa, heavy duty table, etc.It is better to get heavier, thicker blankets to provide better protection against bumps and dents.
If you move often, it will be more durable to move the blanket with woven outer fabric, and the service time will be longer.Non-Quilting active blankets can be made of felt or linen, and the other side is made of felt.Especially if you are mainly concerned about the friction between furniture, none of these should be discounted.
If you are packing your own pod or containerYou can successfully use space-saving devices..Paper wrap blankets are made up of two layers of brown kraft outer and three layers of interior of light paper.The three layers can be made up of newsprint, light Kraft, paper towels, fake paper or non-woven paper.
Most people don\'t even know the paper blanket used to move, and at the same time it\'s a good replacement for quilting moving blankets, especially if you only move once, or send your goods to a long-term warehouse, or move overseas.The paper blanket is breathable and provides good protection, 100% recyclable.Boxes.Moving boxes can be single-wall, such as book boxes, linen boxes, etc.
Or double wall such as Chinese Box, TV box, wardrobe box.The double wall case is stronger and the weight is larger.But please do not try to load them into capacity.
A wardrobe box full of books is not a good idea.The name of the box is very suggestive: book box (1.Books, small linen boxes (3) are 5 cubic feet.
1 c.
) Or large linen box (4.
5 c.
) Used for folding clothes, towels and hemp products, Chinese boxes, 5.2 c.f.For fragile items and wardrobe boxes (10 ).1 c.f.or 15 c.f.4 feet high) is used to hang clothes.Of course, there is also a whole line of picture boxes, light boxes, mattress boxes and various special boxes, corners, etc.
When you put fragile items in a boxYou need something to provide a buffer.The most popular ones are bubble paper and blank news paper.There are 5, 10 or 25 pound bundles of blank newspaper or white paper.
Blank newspaper is the best option to wrap kitchenware, plates, porcelain, fragile items or simply fill the blank space in the box.The foam package has a roll of 12 or 24 inch wide and a variety of foam sizes.Most of the movers use 0.Foam Packaging 5 inch wide and 24 inch wide.
Foam packaging is good for packaging electronics or large pieces of glass.The plastic cover for movement includes shrink wrap or stretch wrap as well as plastic mattress cover, plastic sofa cover or plastic chair cover.Shrink wrap -Widely used in transportation, keeping the goods on pallets together as a unit, and not allowing the goods to disintegrate or the goods to disappear from transportation.
When moving the furniture, the shrink package was originally used to put together items with small parts or open doors or drawers.It then becomes a replacement for the plastic cover used to wrap the mattress.It\'s no better than a plastic mattress cover at all, but it\'s more profitable for the moving company: it\'s much cheaper to buy a roll of shrink wrap, but it takes longer to pack, plus mover can charge more for each item packed.
Movers can even wrap in shrink on furniture that has been wrapped in blankets.It looks good, but it is expensive and useless.If you put your item in the warehouse, the shrink wrap will actually damage the furniture as it absorbs moisture and if it is stored long enough, the furniture will actually rot under the shrink wrap.
I would highly recommend using the mattress cover, because even if it is wrapped in a blanket --You don\'t know what\'s in that blanket.You sleep on a mattress.Also, if you cover it with a plastic sofa Bay before wrapping it with a furniture blanket, a sofa with a light-colored decoration would be better.Sometimes, the color falls off the moving blanket to the interior decoration.
When preparing to move, consider the details of the move and consider the furniture you want to pack.Need to save space?-Need better protection to save space or use paper towelsGet high-quality thick active blankets.I want to keep you vulnerable.Pack them in a double wall solid box with a lot of buffer material, hope you keep the furniture cleanPlastic hotel furniture factory covers are used.
In the next article, we will discuss the details of packaging a variety of furniture
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