humanoids should love our new street furniture

If you look at the World in cash like David Miller, mayor of Toronto
The new street furniture in the city looks beautiful.
On the other hand, if what you see is what you get, it\'s not.
In fact, on the basis of objective reality, the street furniture suffered a tragic failure.
It is cold, ordinary and meaningless.
It could be anywhere.
If we say Toronto, it is that our standards are too low and our choices are too bad.
Miller sounds like the unpaid shill of Astral Media, which has won the rights and advertising revenue for street furniture projects, and he announced that it will \"change the look, feel, our Street View and the function and image of the city.
\"He may be right, but the reason is wrong.
First, one might reasonably ask why a design should be used throughout the city.
Each block has its own features, which are not reflected in the furniture.
In fact, the more people think of something designed by Kramer Associates in Toronto, the more people realize that it does not belong to any community.
It seems to be created for some of the imagined cities of the future, where there are people of the kind.
The guiding principle must be a sterile desire that only advertising can be active.
For the Astral Media, this is all about it.
But obviously, the one who attracted Miller and his team was a 20-
On a one-year contract, Star Media handed over a $0. 428 billion guarantee to the city during the transaction.
There was some doubt about the number, but Miller insisted.
In return, Astral Media will post 26,000 pieces of street furniture for the city, from benches, bus shelters to bike racks and bins.
If the method of use is different, the aesthetic is different.
These items are precious, over-designed and self-containedconscious.
Kramer\'s style is the style of the future. that-never-was.
This may be the way it was in the 1970 s, with all the curves and clutter.
But this is not the case.
Simple basic design advantages-remember simple!
-Clarity and persistence here are overwhelmed by the busyness of arrogance.
The furniture shows the identity of the designer better than the city.
In this regard, what we hope most is that the furniture has achieved a kind of invisibility, and after a while we no longer notice it.
But to be fair, some aspects of the project make sense.
For example, integrating the newsbox into a large unit can clean up the intersection very well.
Taking into account the proliferation of these boxes, this will greatly reduce the confusion on our sidewalks.
At the same time, the information Togo pillar is annoying and intrusive.
People want to know how often they actually use them.
Anyway, they have no place in the city.
Then there is the question of the Star Media itself.
Despite the company\'s denial of this, Rami Tabello, the illegal sign.
Ca said: \"There are hundreds of illegal signs in the Star Media in Toronto.
\"It\'s offensive in any case, but the city has given the street furniture contract to such clothing, which makes it even more so.
It\'s not beautiful to see the mayor talking on behalf of the Star Media.
Nevertheless, the potential of this sport is enormous;
For example, a failed bidder of the French company JCDecaux in Toronto runs a very popular public bicycle project in Paris, including 20,000 bicycles provided free of charge at hundreds of stations.
It is changing the way people live in that city.
Toronto\'s politicians are not the only ones who have the talent to take defeat from victory, but they are better than most. chume@thestar.
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