IKEA Singapore Price Comparison – Is IKEA Still the Best Store for Cheap Furniture?

When I was a child, it was the most exciting thing in the world to go to Ikea in Singapore.
Ikea is undoubtedly the best amusement park in the post-90 s city.
The time was simpler.
But right now I\'m in a life phase where I need furniture and it\'s a completely different story.
I don\'t like walking along Ikea.
Prescribed maze (
Shortcut = death)
, I can never find the item I want because everything is grouped by \"room\" instead of product type.
In addition, young couples who are full of fantasies about their dreams (
, As of Scandinavian language
My family has been in my way.
In addition, Ikea is no longer a hot product
Now through Taobao, Qoo10, 42, Hassian and other online shopping, buy cheap furniture. is the norm.
At least that\'s how I feel about the furniture market.
Let\'s see if my hypothesis holds.
Ikea Singapore vs online price comparison-is Ikea still the best choice for cheap furniture?
Here are seven popular types of furniture purchased by Singaporeans from Ikea.
I picked a best seller for each category and checked against the price of an online competitor.
Read on and learn more
Look at individual products in depth.
Ikea shelves and 42 shelves are probably the most popular Ikea products.
After all, the most iconic work of the brand includes the Billy bookcase (
The classic Ikea bookshelf that everyone grew up)
And Kallax series (
Square open shelves that are satisfactory).
Let\'s take a closer look at the Kallax shelves.
Like many Ikea products, there are a lot of modular units here, so you can mix and match, but the basic 4-by-
4 shelves not addedons costs $179.
The versatile square design has been copied a lot and I have seen similar products in many places in Jiji (from $169. 90 to $249. 90)to Muji ($53 x 4 = $212).
However, Kallax at Ikea is still the best value.
If you don\'t mind. e.
You\'re not going to use it as a partition-a 42-year-old may be the cheapest fool: a $99 decclan shelf on a walnut or Sonoma oak.
120 cm wide x 180 cm high, it is narrow but high, which makes it have more spaceefficient.
Winner: fortytwo Ikea sofa bed vs hempan sofa bedIKEA may not be the first place you buy a sofa.
But if you\'re buying something that can turn into a guest bed or take a nap for a day, the Ikea sofa bed option is better than the atas sofa brand like Leonardo da Vinci or Celini.
There are many designs to choose from, but the most affordable and popular one is the Ikea Balkarp sofa bed for $249. It’s simple (
A bit Spartans though)
In the design, you can easily adjust the back of the sofa by simply pushing the sofa.
Like Ikea shelves mentioned above, this sofa bed design is widely replicated and available at many price points.
It\'s $169 for a forty-two pound, $199 for hempan and $269 for Castlery.
What I like best is Hassian, it is very good
Designed enough, the gray version doesn\'t look like a bed in a prison cell.
The frame is made of solid eucalyptus wood, not of a broken board, and more importantly, for the gold cigarette butts outside, you can test it at the hempan store in Cathay Pacific
Winner: hempanikea table and Jiji table, blonde wood, rounded corners and s legs-you may notice this special aesthetic when shopping online, but what you may not realize isprobably)
From the award-
Win the table at Ikea Lisabo.
This Ikea small table looks a bit small, but it is a multi-functional table that can be used both as a dining table and as a study room.
$199 seems to be a steal.
This style of table is definitely dominated by Taobao.
Just enter \"Nordic table\" in EZbuy and you will get results page by page with some sellers offering custom servicemade versions.
Of course, buying and shipping furniture from China is a hassle, and the language barrier is only half of it.
You also need to know the shipping options of Taobao.
The design is not as common locally as it is in China, but I was lucky to find this Jiji Eames --
$139 style sheet. 90 (
It\'s probably a bigger size.
Same as Ikea).
You can even top up $9.
Assembly Service 90.
One thing to note is that the table top is made of cardboard instead of solid wood, so it looks cheaper but more resistant to moisture (i. e. spills)
Than natural wood.
Winner: JijiIKEA chair and Jiji rocking chairIf you have never seen such a chair and you must have come from another planet.
Like the Billy bookcase, Ikea\'s Poang chair is one of the long lasting furniture that ensures the brand will never fail.
To be frank, the Poang chair is a beautiful project.
It\'s deep and cute, and while your ass is just hanging in the middle, it\'s both solid and stableair.
There are 10 rocking chairs.
One year warranty, which must mean that the frame made of wood strips glued together is very strong.
The mat will wear out many times before the frame starts to give in.
Obviously, this feat is sticky.
Wood engineering is not easy to replicate because its imitation is not extensive.
I did see a $99 shameless.
There are 90 repetitions on Jiji, but why bother?
The real deal is just a few more dollars.
If you really want to save, you can get the second one easily
Shopusellwinner sells for less than $50: Ikea wardrobe vs furniture supermarket wardro, you will think Ikea, the world\'s number one cardboard shelf retailer (
Okay, I made it up, but it\'s close enough)
Cheap wardrobe for sale.
After all, what is the wardrobe, but a couple of cardboard are screwed into a box, right? Wrong.
The Ikea Pax series is very popular, but I guess it\'s mainly due to the modular design of the unit-you can mix and match different units to fit your space-not the price. The basic 2-door wardrobe (100cm x 236cm)
Starting at $335 and starting at $540 for artificial wood stains.
If you\'re looking for a decent one
Basic size, two sizes
Door wardrobe, not a lot of budget options.
There\'s a clinical
Looks like $99 Bostrak (80cm x 180cm)and the 3-
Door Domas for $199 (140cm x 181cm).
A quick search for Qoo10 has led me to a number of viable alternatives.
This best-selling \"Britian\" wardrobe from the furniture market (75cm x 183cm)
It costs $99, while the more beautiful Haido wardrobe in oak color (73. 7cm x 170. 2cm)is $125.
As for the quality as there is no real load on the wardrobebearing (unlike shelves)
Personally, I don\'t mind the chopping board.
The furniture market also offers free shipping and installation, so you can spot any defects such as misplacement or clearance.
Winner: furniture MartIKEA bed right . . . ?
As long as you are looking for something simple and practical-me. e.
Not the crazy group of four.
Poster princess bed comes out directly from Arabian Nights-Ikea is a great place to buy bed racks.
After looking at the competitors, my conclusion is that Ikea\'s beds may be the best in the market in terms of price and quality.
One of the best options is the Ikea Tarva bed rack (
$199 Queen)
This is just a simple pine frame with a batten base.
I searched the usual cheap furniture store and found it hard to find a queen size bed frame under $200.
For example, hempan\'s big bed starts at $279 and Castlery starts at $599.
Yes, however, choose a cheap faux leather bed rack and live with the usual price of $100, or a simple couch Lazada base should cost about $150 and Qoo10.
But personally, I \'d rather buy a solid wood frame because the last thing you want when you\'re in a slum is a fragile bed. (
Talk about a rude awakening! )
By the way, when you are at Ikea, you can also add on the mattress because the IKEA mattresses are very affordable, even if they don\'t feel as plush as the King Koil and Tempur varieties.
Winner: Ikebukuro curtains and Qoo10 curtains in my life I never connected Ikea to curtains so it was a surprise to learn that Ikea curtains are one of their best sellers
So I looked at their choice of curtains and found their budget blackout curtain series called Majgull ($49.
90 pair, 145 cm x 250 cm).
For basically two large pieces of cloth, the price seems to be high, but as someone who needs to be completely dark to sleep, I fully understand how the Swedes are with me in eliminating the importance of light pollution
I am very confident to find cheaper blackout curtains on Qoo10, but this is not the case.
When I enter curtains of similar size, the starting price of these Jade curtains is $54.
10, and these for Sol Home & Living start at $48. 90.
So I guess you can\'t get decent blackout curtains for less than $50, at least for those that really work.
Winner: IKEABut pay attention to the delivery fee of Ikea . . . . . . So, in our final statistics, Ikea actually ranks third in seven furniture categories (
Chairs, beds and curtains). Not bad!
However, a big difference between shopping at Ikea and shopping from these online retailers is . . . . . . Ikea delivery.
Or missing it.
You see, most online retailers will give you free shipping after you reach a certain number, and large items such as beds and wardrobes almost always guarantee you free shipping.
On the other hand, if you can\'t or don\'t fit your furniture parts, you need to pay Ikea delivery: when I say it\'s bad to pay for the courier, I think I speak on behalf of all Singaporeans.
I have spent so much money with you, why should I pay for the Courier! ?
What\'s worse is that after the item is delivered, you have to assemble it yourself.
Most of us Singaporeans have very important things to do over the weekend, such as playing FIFA on PS4, re-viewing Meteor Garden on Netflix, or sending tuition fees to children.
Who has time to play with Alan\'s keys?
Ikea also offers paid assembly services (
Details of Ikea delivery fee)
In addition to delivery, but when many furniture retailers include assembly costs in their fees, this will hardly drop.
So please keep in mind that there are hidden costs before you take the risk (
Whether you pay money or hard work/time)
Buy furniture from Ikea Singapore.
And the meatballs.
Buy furniture at Ikea-love it or hate it?
Tell us why in the comments!
Is it worth going to Singapore?
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