interior inspiration: swoon co-founder on tearing up the rulebook for furniture design

Debbie Williamson is
The founder and chief creative officer of Swoon, the leading online furniture retailer, has seriously disrupted the very traditional furniture industry.
Debbie explains their unique business model, how Swoon turned the furniture design and manufacturing process around, and why we can now buy design led furniture at affordable prices.
With Swoon ahead of their games, Debbie combines data analytics, technology and design to bring an innovative approach to the business to achieve rapid growth.
With the support of Index and Octopus, and applying some methods of the commercial street fashion industry, Swoon produces new hotel furniture factory designs monthly based on current trends and customer needs
They even know when ancient relics like a bar trolley will come back!
This is a reasonably designed piece of furniture.
When I redecorated my apartment, everything I liked in magazines was expensive --
1,000 for a chair and 2,000 for a table!
I feel that there must be a way to have a beautiful design at a reasonable price. Brian (my co-founder)
I think the furniture market has not been broken yet and can be reinvented.
Many people say that the category of furniture will never move online, but we believe it will move with the formula of our great design. Value for money and scarcity, combined with free shipping and free returns, eliminated most bookings about purchases.
In the journey . . . . . . Before entering the advertising industry, I started my product marketing career, where I worked with numerous customers from consumer credit to beer.
I work for M & C Saatchi, where I found my niche --
The people between the client and the creative team followed me in a similar role at Telegraph. After a grown-
When I traveled around the world every year, I decided it was time to launch my own things.
I also studied communication and culture at the University of Nottingham Trent, which proves that the model of entrepreneurs certainly does not exist and that every colleague does not
The founder must have a technical background.
I believe that anything is possible with perseverance and perseverance, and my experience is that professional ethics and motivation will be of great help.
According to the recent inspiration . . . . . . Everything Glossier is doing.
The way they talk to customers-building a brand where customers are heroes-seems to be more human.
About Innovation . . . . . . We tore up the hotel furniture factory design rules manual.
Swoon has a design cycle every month (
Instead of industry norms twice a year).
It always starts with data from our analysts, including on-site data searches, our own test data, social trends, and external sources that assess current opportunities.
For example, the lighting test may show that the floor lamp works for £ 199 in brass.
Our designers then receive a hot list every month-each item has a short list of materials, prices, etc.
They have two weeks to design the product.
We then turn these into CAD designs and upload them to our proprietary bidding platform where we can bid on 30 manufacturers in 7 countries.
Design becomes a product in 12 weeks.
The process includes real cost optimization, penalties for manufacturers who had previous quality problems.
We introduce about 5 new designs every day, initially we produce a small batch of products to see which are popular and then expand the production of these products.
This test is part of our DNA from the beginning.
I manage brands, ideas and ideas.
Now I am looking for services like personal shopping and room design services that will provide interior design services to consumers.
We have a team of young designers who work in 5 different areas of our aesthetics.
We will also launch luxury delivery service-off hours, Sunday delivery and accommodation for those who are not there.
About the expansion of brand and marketing . . . . . . We have been experimenting with data. driven.
What I am interested in now is the concept of professional and original content.
Sometimes, the person who takes pictures of the room with the iPhone is better than the person who takes professional photography.
It feels more real.
We are looking at how to scale up.
When I first started, I just wanted to do my best at work and be integral to every company I work.
However, it is now to make everyone\'s home feel safe and inspiring.
There is also a big campaign to eliminate waste, which we think is a huge driving force for us to make the products our customers want in Swoon, which continues and becomes the transmission heir of tomorrow.
We also have values that we think will help us succeed.
The mentality of never giving up, act now, have passion for good things, be a person, be kind.
This is a challenging environment.
Consumers expect magic
Originality, authenticity and transparency.
Traditional stores need to shift from service to experience, and everyone can better eliminate failures in the supply chain by using technology and reducing waste.
On the next big thing . . . . . . Open the storage and hanging railings, as well as more fascinating items such as the dresser.
Also, the bar trolley continues to do a great job!
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